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  1. The GRE is your entry ticket for the admission committee to even look at your application. The first step in their evaluation process is throwing out applications that don’t make the 50th percentile for both the Quantitative and Qualitative sections. For the Writing section, you need to score a 4 or better.
  2. That quant score is pretty rough — for a Counseling Psychology PhD program you need to be around 50th percentile
  3. Honestly, I do find it strange that the POI’s you had applied for and worked under previously treated you that way with the process, assuming that you felt that you had a close relationship with them 😕 If the POI felt the same way, there should have been a biased preference for you – that’s largely how this process works but nobody talks about.
  4. 1. Will you also receive substantial funding from School 1, or will you need to take out any loans if you attend there? 2. For School 2, have you discussed how long your POI there is planning to stay at that institution? In the case that POI doesn't work out (he/she leaves the institution suddenly, you don't get along with them), are there any other professors in the program whose research area generally match with yours?
  5. Like @EileanDonan said, graduate school loans are no joke, and the debt accumulated from those PsyD programs honestly isn’t worth the pay potential you’ll have as a doctorate psychologist. If you still have your heart set on a doctorate, saving up money by working in a full-time position for a few years (whether it’s research or clinical) is your best bet.
  6. I think that’s actually a good point, from what I know of faculty now
  7. Yes, most programs send invites in waves, but they're completely done sending invites at this point unfortunately.
  8. Unfortunately, that seems to be the case — all of those programs have already extended their interview invites by this point.
  9. Yes, expect these many interviews from any type of doctoral psychology program
  10. So only about 3% of those who applied for UMSL’s doctoral Clinical Psychology program will ultimately get a spot this year — that’s about the typical norm for doctorate Clinical Psychology programs that offer guaranteed funding for students
  11. It depends on the rhythm of the conversation — if it seems like the interviewer is engaged discussing research fit, go along with it. If it seems like you’re doing /all/ the talking about the topic for 10 minutes straight, might be a good idea to move on to something else
  12. Current students likely wouldn’t know, and that seems like an awkward question for the POI to answer
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