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  1. For the person who posted an acceptance to the University of Winsor on the Results Page, would you mind dming the POI who provided you with the offer? Thanks so much and huge congratulations! ❤️
  2. Has anyone applied to the School and Applied Child Psychology program at McGill University? Are you guys aware of what their timelines are like? I don't see much in the way of postings on the results page for this program with the last posted results from 2019 and earlier. Any insights would be appreciated!! Alternatively feel free to DM me if you don't feel comfortable responding here
  3. I believe they send offers of admission out in rounds. It could mean that you're an alternate for consideration and you may be extended an offer at a later time if people in the 1st round of offers decline their offer of admission.
  4. Is this for all 3 streams of Clinical Psych and is this what the Graduate Secretary (Nancy Williams) mentioned? There haven't been many posts this cycle so I'm somewhat lost on what's going on there...
  5. They may still be sending out emails so I'd wait a few more days . Invites could be delayed this cycle due to COVID (maybe reviewing more apps possibly?) but I'm not sure what exactly is going on over there this year. If you want some clarification I'd recommend emailing the Psychology Graduate secretary and they will be able to give you a concrete idea of where they are in their selection process and any possible delays/current timelines/etc. My projections were based on previous cycles but this one could be different. 🤷‍♀️
  6. Hi friends! I noticed that interview results went up on the results forum for Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science. For those who posted on the results page, if you happen to see this and are comfortable sharing, would you mind dm'ing me the initials of your PI and whether the email was a mass email or POI email? Thank you kindly! And huge congrats!
  7. Thanks for updating us on the news regarding York and so sorry to hear it's a No this cycle. This process can be quite taxing and energy depleting, especially this cycle with the influx of applications. Hope you are taking time to look after yourself during this super intense process. Sending you lots of positive vibes ❤️
  8. They typically send out their interview invites in late Jan (people start receiving the emails like between Jan 20th-26th) and they schedule the interviews at the end of Jan (24th-31st) and try and wrap them up before Feb. They use Feb to review the interviews and evaluate and make their decisions. End of Feb is when the acceptances and invites to Open House (which will be virtual this year if it happens) It's most likely to early too early for those emails to be sent out. Hope this helps anyone wondering about Windsor timelines
  9. I believe the reference forms will be accepted as long as they are submitted before December 31st (when the application portal closes). It is the Supplementary Information Forms and the Referee Names and Emails that have to be submitted by the December 15th deadline under the Supplementary Information Forms section of Myfile. Pulled from YorkU Website "Applicants must have uploaded all non-academic documents (e.g. CV, Statement of Interest, Supplementary Information Form, and References) no later than December 31, 2020. This does NOT include academic documents such as official trans
  10. Congrats on your acceptance! Would you mind dming your POI?
  11. Hey congrats on your acceptance to Windsor. Would you mind dming me your POI?
  12. To the poster who received an unofficial offer from Manitoba and posted in the results section, can you please dm your POI? Congrats on the acceptance!
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