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  1. Exactly! reading your response is exactly what I am worried about that my applied experiences might not fit perfectly with the program like sounding too medical etc .....anyhow hope all the pieces come together increase my chances...
  2. thanks Vanessa that helps. am lucky in that my first degree was honors psych then went into 2nd degree for healthcare....so from what you are saying do you think your experience in education and degree in psych helped your chances?
  3. thanks yet again. Another question are there any in your cohort or other cohorts coming with healthcare backgrounds like occupational health nutritionist nurses etc? I have a healthcare background and I wonder if it works against me but hope the program values interdisciplinary backgrounds or maybe not? what do you think?
  4. Thanks a million for your response- so helpful thanks. In regards to contacting POI did you just email briefly? include your resume? I have this fear it could work against me if I say too much/too little?
  5. me too. applied to 2 CCP and CP. did you see recently on their website FAQ they posted saying they discourage you from applying to multiple programs? wth! didn't they say it was okay?
  6. Hi there for some reason I cannot DM. I applied go CCP at OISE I was feeling confident then in the last few weeks they updated list of proffs taking students to proffs I have nothing in common with. Early in August to september most were saying they are taking students. the CCP applicstion also says you do not need go email the PI? is this correct?Also attended open house and there and website they keep stating that you can apply to up to 3 programs then recently on website they say they discourage this... I already submitted to CCP and MED CP. question will this look bad? also what is your ex
  7. Hi there thanks for this. York is my first choice just wondering from those on your cohort had most of youpublished? that's my only shortcoming. am also a mature student 35+ just wondering about this too. I have atleast 3 faculty who would be perfect fit because of their focus on illness, pain etc...did you get in touch with faculty during your application? I was just planning go take a chance and focus on a strong application and not email them. what are your thoughts on this?
  8. Same with my rejection from York. Probably the dept rejected online and office of grad studies sends official letter
  9. I agree. I have sat on selection committees myself so I know the process is very subjective. Good luck everyone
  10. Thanks Jay's Brain for all your tips. I got a rejection yesterday :-( was contemplating if to reach out for tips on what could have made me a stronger applicant but the POI never got back even during the application so I am guessing will probably not
  11. those waiting for york my online page changed today for unsuccessful :- (
  12. You are awesome for keeping our hopes up! Thanks. praying......and waiting! Good luck everyone
  13. Thanks again Jay's Brain. Sounds like a very positive time at the open house. I have read somewhere that the open house invites are way above those who will be actually accepted, so getting an invite is not necessarily a confirmation of an offer? Do offers go out afterwards? I have not even been invited to the open house so I should stop getting ahead of myself but the waiting is killing me. Anyone else heard from York yet for Clinical?
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