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  1. Got into the distance BSW! For anyone else that hears back please message me, it would be great to connect! Also, does anyone know if you are accepted for distance full time can you go down to distance part time?
  2. Sorry to hear. Congrats on Uvic. Were you distance or online?
  3. Hey!! Thanks for letting us know. I am still waiting! Congrats!!!
  4. Good luck to you! Sounds like you have a lot of meaningful experience!
  5. Thanks, no just the MSW at UofT! Dal is my only hope! Have you applied to any other programs?
  6. Hey! I have also applied and waiting for May!! I am curious how competitive the program is. I have a B- in my last 60 credits. Almost 5 years working in a social work capacity and various volunteer experiences. I am so nervous about my GPA but hopefully my experience will make up for it. I have been waitlisted at UofT for the MSW so I am really hoping I get in so I can move this process along hahah. Do you know many others who have applied?
  7. I emailed Todd. He said "'Ive inquired about the status of your application and can report, unofficially, that your application to the MEd program will be recommended for refusal. Unfortunately, with 702 applications for 35 spots this year, there is not enough spaces to accommodate all strong applicants. You should receive the official application response via email very soon."
  8. I have been unofficially rejected. All the best to those who are starting the program in the fall and to those on the next application cycle!
  9. Has anyone moved off the waitlist? Or will this happen in June?
  10. thanks for your response! I am sorry to hear. Good to know so hopefully we get some closure this week.
  11. Hi everyone, has everyone received a decision? I am still under review 😞
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