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  1. Hey! My applications status on Dal online just changed to accepted! Maybe yours has been updated too
  2. No I haven't. I will next year if Dal doesn't work out.
  3. Thanks for sharing and congrats on the acceptance! Hope you get into Dal too. May can't come fast enough in my opinion.
  4. Hey! Thanks for sharing your stats. Sounds like you have a lot of experience! I don't know anyone else that has applied. Also, UofT is competitive. It's awesome that you got waitlisted. Did you apply to any other master's programs?
  5. Anyone waiting on dalhousie's bsw decision in May? We could share stats and experience to make it easier for people who are applying next year. I have a completed Bachelors degree with a 3.0cgpa, a 3.25L60 (last 60 credits), and a 3.55L30. I have 1 year volunteer experience in mental health and 6 years of experience volunteering in a hospital. I currently volunteer in a women's shelter but it's only been for about 4 months.
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