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  1. Hey guys, I was wondering if there are people who got accepted or waitlisted to UofT, and UofT isn't their first choice? Or if there's anyone who's first choice is Western rather than UofT? Also is there anyone who got accepted to UofT who wants to defer their acceptance...I am curious if UofT will even allow for many people to do that and if that would make any different difference for us waitlisted folks!
  2. Oh i didn't realize, I got an email at 5:04pm ontario time.
  3. It seems to alphabetical because someone with the last name C as well as myself heard back at around the same time in the afternoon I think? I don't think anyone with last names from A-K heard back late last night, or did they?
  4. Last name C and waitlisted. Seems like a lot of people are too.
  5. I am in the same position as you!! I was accepted to Western but really want to get off the waitlist and accepted to UofT!
  6. Hey there... my last name is C too so I am anxiously hoping to get into U of T, and then as soon as I do (if I do) I will reject my offer to Western.
  7. I didn't get a good sleep either.. I am glad that work can be a distraction.
  8. Congrats! If you don't mind sharing, what time did you get notified yesterday? and is U of T your first choice?
  9. Sorry I misread it, that was when I asked about how many applied. I didn't count how many were accepted
  10. I counted there to be 15* people that either liked or commented when I asked in the other group.
  11. I am C so I get how you feel...I just want to know already that I have gotten in!! I am hoping that they roll out their most preferred applicants in today's round and then tomorrow they'll roll out A-Z less preferred but still accepted people...
  12. Thanks everyone for joining this group! It is a really tough time waiting right now so it helps knowing other people are in the same boat.
  13. Hey everyone, I just came up with another idea which is to post anything related to U of T in this group, that way we won't bombard everyone who isn't interested in U of T with our comments since there's so many! lol And the amount of people that will follow this group could potentially indicate the amount of people that applied? Hopefully this will work!
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