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  1. I haven't heard anything. Hoping there'll be some movement since Laurier and UofT have now given out their acceptances!
  2. Was just offered a position on the waitlist for Laurier!
  3. I still haven't heard back, I'm so anxious!
  4. Has anyone else still not heard from Laurier?
  5. I know, last week I was one of the last to hear about UofT so it sucks that it's happening again lol
  6. @Wandering-Nomad I know! Also, they did a waitlist last year, so fingers crossed!!
  7. Does anyone know if Laurier does a waitlist?
  8. I don't know if they're doing it alphabetically, it could be completely random, or the order in which they went through the applications.
  9. I have not, my last name starts with an S though.
  10. For those who were accepted into Laurier, did they happen to mention how many applicants there were and how many they accepted?
  11. Yes, I was accepted into another Laurier program and that is what happens, along with an option to accept or decline your offer.
  12. Congratulations! Would you mind sharing your work experience?
  13. Congratulations! From what I know, Windsor is more general whereas Carleton has more specializations! So I think it depends on what you want out of your degree. Also before you got off the waitlist from Windsor, did your process date change?
  14. Does anyone know the acceptance rate of UofT's advanced standing program?
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