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  1. Just got off the waiting list for UofT on Friday. Was definitely shocked to say the least... I will be accepting my offer. Fingers crossed for anyone still waiting!
  2. I was just accepted off Windsor's 2-year regular track waitlist!! My process date changed three times before I was accepted. Hope this helps for anyone who is on the waitlist!
  3. I am currently on the waitlist for Windsor's 2-year MSW program and my application still says "in process", but the status date has changed, is this the case for anyone else?
  4. I have accepted my offer to the Orillia campus. I am on 3 MSW waitlists so if I happen to get accepted prior to july I would withdrawal my acceptance!
  5. I haven't heard anything. Hoping there'll be some movement since Laurier and UofT have now given out their acceptances!
  6. Was just offered a position on the waitlist for Laurier!
  7. I still haven't heard back, I'm so anxious!
  8. Has anyone else still not heard from Laurier?
  9. I know, last week I was one of the last to hear about UofT so it sucks that it's happening again lol
  10. @Wandering-Nomad I know! Also, they did a waitlist last year, so fingers crossed!!
  11. Yeah, I have not heard anything yet!
  12. Does anyone know if Laurier does a waitlist?
  13. I don't know if they're doing it alphabetically, it could be completely random, or the order in which they went through the applications.
  14. I have not, my last name starts with an S though.
  15. For those who were accepted into Laurier, did they happen to mention how many applicants there were and how many they accepted?
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