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  1. hey you seem like you have a really strong application I would suggest getting multiple perspectives on your statement, sometimes it helps having other people assist with making sure you are answering the questions without rambling at least that's what helped me previously..
  2. I feel good about my hours- even my FT server job at a cafe counts as social work experience and this experience shouldn't' be discounted. .ABA experience has helped my hours quite a bit as I have done many placements in my degree as well as worked as an instructor therapist for 8 months.. I now volunteer with folks with eating disorders on an online chat and have co facilitated some support groups for teens for sure takes time to get those hours i've been volunteering in the SW world so to speak for 7 months or so now. As for my personal statement I feel good about this too since I can take
  3. I think a lot of places value lived experience in SW as well as volunteering.. volunteering for a crisis line could be a good start as I know finding employment can be difficult and a longer process. I would start volunteering in any place you can to get those hours
  4. I feel you SO hard on this- I got waitlisted and didn't hear back either in time for UofT.. but honestly i'd highly suggest reapplying- some people give up and never reapply but I think they're looking for people who reapply and say what changed. I think UofT is so competitive because it's very clinical, has some of the best places and is globally ranked so highly. For less competitive options i'd probably look into western (kings), & Carelton.
  5. Hi Folks! I applied to UofT and got waitlisted in April 2021 and did not get a spot unfortunately, this was my first time applying to an MSW program so I am pretty proud of myself for going through the process.. I also applied to Yorkville for the MACP program and got accepted but after much consideration/research I want to stick with an MSW (also who wants to pay $36k for an online program LOL). I am going in with more experience volunteering this year as well as working as a server at a cafe in Toronto (been in school for so long and I need a break). I plan to reapply to UofT then apply
  6. Any news about getting off waitlist for 2 year? this is our last month of waiting at least!
  7. Has anyone else heard recently getting off the waitlist for the UofT 2 year MSW?
  8. Has anyone else heard from the waitlist for the two year? I think a few people got off but wondering if there has been any more movement?
  9. yay! congrats I got waitlisted too.. hoping for the best, if you don't mind me asking were you notified via email?
  10. not yet.. I think it's still too early.. earliest I heard for previous years was June 15. I'm expecting it'll be august honestly..
  11. Have not heard from the waitlist yet, I am hoping it'll move after June 1. There is hope, I do know quite a few people who got waitlisted in april and got accepted in june-august range... (earliest june 15)
  12. I have heard that UBC okanagan is clinical, if you are up to venturing outside of the province.. they offer a one year and a two year MSW
  13. I know someone who got off the waitlist June 15 a couple years ago though.. I think June is the sweet spot but it all just depends.. I also know people who have waited until August and got waitlisted in April so there IS hope
  14. Dal and Carleton are some other one's without a BSW but they are not online sadly
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