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  1. Hey there! I remember the stress and excitement of this forum last year, I’m currently in the 2 year program at Carleton and last year I was accepted Feb 24 if that helps anyone slightly before that (a day maybe) it changed to review in progress by faculty of post doctorate affairs or something.
  2. Rejected from UBCO- planning on attending Carleton this fall so very excited about staying in the province haha! happy to have heard.
  3. Congrats to those who have heard from UBCO- LONG wait. I am still waiting, last name G.
  4. nope.. I honestly just want to know if my application was successful, I don't care about going at this point.
  5. based on previous years and my experience being waitlisted I never heard back not even on sept 1 and didn’t know anyone who did. It isn’t really organized like offers how they go out.. if someone doesn’t attend or gives up their spot it goes to the person on the waitlist and you have I think 48 hours to accept? though there is no way of knowing what spot you’re in or how many people are on it :( it consumes a lot of mental energy and it’s very hard to plan when not knowing.
  6. i'm so sorry to hear this, must be so frustrating hang in there.
  7. it's actually pretty bad that they keep people waiting till the literal last day of April without saying anything. Some folks may be relying on their offer/rejection, it's not right.
  8. Still haven’t heard from UBC yet.. so frustrating
  9. it's so annoying LOL, like 'mid april' suddenly becomes end of april...
  10. just heard back! I was told end of april for decisions to be finalized and that they are on a rolling basis.
  11. I have not heard from UBCO yet and just emailed them (don't plan to attend but I want to know regarding if I was a strong applicant or not) has anyone else not heard? my status says 'submitted' but when I click on review it says 'in progress' (it has been like this for months). I believe I submitted everything in Jan?
  12. waitlisted for UofT 2 year for the second time in a row .. upset but saw this coming and finally relieved that it is over. I don't plan to get a spot off the waitlist so I am planning on going to Carleton in the fall. Wishing the best for everyone!
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