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  1. Hi everyone! I know how hard it can be to find meaningful volunteer experience to add to your resume, so I wanted to share this opportunity here for anyone who may be interested. I am currently working as the Education and Awareness Coordinator for a Youth Cannabis Awareness Program and am looking for individuals between the ages 15-24 who might want to join a Youth Advisory Council to discuss harm reduction practices in relation to youth cannabis use across Canada. Please feel free to message me if you are interested!
  2. Did you ever figure out if Laurier provides any funding? I was recently accepted off the wait list and would love to know!
  3. I just got off the waitlist for Laurier’s 2 year program starting in September!! I’m in shock!!!!
  4. Got an email from UBCO just now, they said that decisions will be released within the next two weeks. There has been a delay in the admission process, whatever that means haha
  5. Congrats! Do you mind me asking the first initial of your last name? and what time did they send out your offer!
  6. I believe it is an internal waitlist...so until you hear back you truly don't know what to expect!
  7. Nope, not me…I emailed to inquire last week as well and still didn’t get an answer.
  8. So…I guess UBCO will be any day now? I can’t believe it’s been this long!
  9. I haven’t heard anything either, I feel you, it’s so discouraging!
  10. I was also put on the waitlist. Hopefully since many people have already accepted elsewhere there is a good chance to get off of it!
  11. That’s what I thought as well! I think they have an undisclosed waitlist, but honestly who knows. I wish you the best of luck
  12. Is anyone else still waiting for UBCO? I’m feeling pretty discouraged
  13. I also haven’t heard anything yet. I’d love to know what information they provide you!
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