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  1. Hi everyone! I just found out I got into Western's MSW program and was wondering if theres a facebook group for non-advanced standing students. Feel like I'm playing catch up and think a facebook group could help if it exists.
  2. Same boat as both of you waiting for Western and Windsor as well. I spoke to someone at Kings who said some years theres a ton of movement and some theres not as much, I hope we start seeing some movement. Positive thinking!!
  3. Yeah that's not a lot but in my attempt to be positive, I think that the odds that all 20 people only we get accepted applied to only York and don't have a backup school or two, probably isn't that high. So trying to use the power of positive thinking, hopefully that will cause some movement.
  4. I thought York had sent out all of their decisions, I had gotten a rejections so maybe only some came out. Well hey, anything that would increase the chances of movement, I'm excited for that
  5. Mine still says in process but the date hasn't changed, from what I hear that could be a good sign. My status date is still January 6th
  6. Anyone on the waitlist for Windsor or Western starting to get discouraged? Still check the portals Monday - Friday, hoping to see some movement, or anything...my hope seems to be dwindling
  7. Hi everyone, As some of us are still in the exciting and nerve-provoking purgatory known as the waitlist for some schools, I was wondering if anyone has any sort of information of what the waitlists are like for Windsor and Western? I've contacted the schools and obviously they can't provide you with much information but wanted to double check here to see if anyone has an idea of how much movement there is, chances of getting off the list and honestly any info at all. Congrats too all getting in thus far!!
  8. So I have received 4/6 rejections but waitlisted with Windsor and Western. Congratulations to everyone who got accepted! I hope your acceptances lead to more spots opening up at my schools! little bit of a selfish thought but would lead to success for everyone! Good luck everyone!
  9. Letter C Laurier applicant, heard nothing yet
  10. 2 year Windsor wait list here - wondering the same thing. I think theres definitely going to be some movement as other schools release their results. As people accept to these other schools they'll be rejecting offers from Windsor as I believe for some, it is the back up school. Only time will tell
  11. Last name starting with C just received U of T rejection. On that note, curious if there is anyone accepting U of T and rejecting an offer from Windsor or Western? On the waitlist for those schools and looking for some hope after another rejection
  12. Anyone else on the waitlist here for Windsor? One of the many schools I'm waiting on
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