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  1. No worries. It's on the main page when you log in. My looks like this:
  2. Nothing as yet. My sgs account still says 'submitted'. From last years forum, it seems like they usually send out decisions by the first week of March
  3. Yea - most people have on this website have indicated the mental health stream. On another forum, few have applied the ITR stream as well. It's only Jan and the waiting game is killing me! Does anyone know how many acceptances Uoft rolls out for MSW?
  4. @emeraldsapphire That is quite the dream I've had weird admission dreams too, but they were scarier and weird.
  5. Mine is the same as well. From what I heard last year, they make decisions by Feb - April. So It's going to be a while until we hear back from them. Good luck to everyone who has applied!
  6. I don't know about the OISE - MA CCP (clinical and counselling program) at UofT, but the MEd - Counselling and Psychotherapy does not have an interview
  7. Yup - UofT doesn't have interviews for counselling psychology
  8. Hey Everyone, I'm starting this thread for any past / current applicants to Adler Graduate Professional School. I'm curious to know other people's experiences about this school and also anyone who has applied for this year
  9. I think they are sending it out in batches. The JOINid email is just to have access to certain UofT websites. And I think all applicants will receive it eventually.
  10. yeah - that makes sense. Coz you probably have access to JOINid
  11. same - I'm not sure. It was supposed to be sent in a separate email but I did not receive it.
  12. For those who applied to UofT - did anyone receive an email saying to enable your JOINid?
  13. I believe it is until the end of the day. Good luck1
  14. I agree. And I'm relieved that this application is done. Now starts the waiting game.
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