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  1. Have you considered Yorkvilles Counselling Psychology program? Many people fall back on that who do not get in!
  2. I will be sticking to attending Western, so this should open up a spot at Laurier Good luck everyone!
  3. Just received acceptance to Laurier! My last name is C. But I don’t think that matters. They have given me until May 4th to make a decision! I was also accepted to Western so I’m honestly not sure which one to pick!
  4. Have you applied to any other MSW program?
  5. I accepted and haven’t heard anything! All I’ve received is my two letters.
  6. Kings is more so general social work. You can take I think 1-2 elective courses that focus on mental health, trauma etc. That is kind of more “clinical”. Overall though, the program is not known to be clinical at all. like the other person said, at the end of the day you can register with the college and that automatically gives you the opportunity to be able to do counselling. You may need extra workshops, or training opportunities in the clinical aspect. Either way, most people work somewhere like the hospital before going into something like private counselling, so you’d get experience there!
  7. There is honestly a few better perks to being a registered Social Worker vs. Psychotherapist - You can get any Psychotherapist job positing with a MSW, but you can't get a social worker specific job being a psychotherapist - You need to write a final big exam to become a registered Psychotherapist, Social Work you do not - you can apply to be registered upon finishing. - Hospitals hire Social Workers or Psychologists, not psychotherapists (most hospitals not all) - In private practice, Social Workers do not have to be GST or HST I forget which one. - You are able to write the Psychotherapy exam as a social worker and be registered as both! - Some insurance companies only accept Social Worker or Psychologist, not Psychotherapist (I know this even from experience because mine did not cover psychotherapist)
  8. Isn’t it ironic how we all applied to a program that’s primarily geared towards helping people’s mental well-being.. yet they keep us waiting and waiting, compromising our mental well being ? knowing how stressful this waiting period is. I wish they could just sit down and get it over with so people just know and can plan!
  9. I got an email and student center updated! I got my wait list offer on March 5th! Definitely be hopeful I heard the first round of wait list almost always moves to a spot!!
  10. I was just accepted to Westerns 2 year MSW! I was originally on the wait list and found out about 25 min ago that I am in
  11. Hi! I’m curious what 2 year MSW programs everyone applied to and if you had the choice, which would you pick? Why? ?
  12. You are able to accept western and then just take away your acceptance if you hear back from U of T and decide to go there! Lots of people do it
  13. I’ve had 3 friends who were wait listed at King’s and all of them got in! Laurier I was wait listed last year and never moved off the wait list. But kings offers no funding so a lot more people reject their offer!
  14. No worries! Best of luck as well maybe I will see you in the program!
  15. I was rejected last year as well lol! But a lot of people deny kings because of the lack of funding they (don’t) provide. So they usually end up sending even a second round of wait list spots in May! So being first round I think is very hopeful!!
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