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  1. Thanks! Glad to be able to pass along the information
  2. Oh! I actually have an answer to this! I applied to the 2 year MSW but the answer should stand across the board. You are not required to cite sources for the personal statement. However, if you choose to include citations, you need to add a bibliography at the end. The bibliography won't be included in your word count. I put in citations last year and didn't get in. I didn't put in citations this year, and I did get in. So if it makes you happy to include citations, that's great, but definitely don't feel pressured to do so as long as you aren't plagiarizing anything in your discussion o
  3. When I say "flesh out the picture of your education", I mean including some details that would make your grades make sense. You don't have to come right out and tell them your entire story (that would take too many words anyway), but you can find a place to slip in your lived experience with mental health and ADD challenges. You can frame it as part of your journey and how you overcame those challenges to earn high marks in the later part of your studies. Of course, you'll have to think about the best way to incorporate this information within the answers to the questions they have for you, bu
  4. You say you've had no relevant work experience, but what you've listed is almost all relevant. Different schools evaluate differently, but if you can justify how the work or volunteer experience ties in on your resume, then you've already got a lot going for you. The truth is, different schools evaluate this kind of thing differently. Some want lots of paid work experience, but others are more flexible about paid vs volunteer. You'll want to really highlight the intensiveness of the volunteer experience; the reason paid work is often more valued is that volunteer positions could be as simpl
  5. I think this will depend a lot on which universities you apply to, but I will say that I had no research listed on my resume and still got an acceptance to Laurier this year. If you have a strong experience profile and a knockout personal statement, I'd say you've got a fighting chance.
  6. https://www.facebook.com/groups/979492336121294 See you there!
  7. If you have an offer with conditions, it should tell you the deadline for those conditions to be met. For example, I received an email with additional information for next steps, as well as an acceptance confirmation page on LORIS telling me that I must submit my official transcripts prior to a specific date in June. You may want to get in direct contact with admissions of the school in question to work out whether they will accommodate your situation.
  8. Congrats!! Nice to see acceptances are still rolling out for those who haven't heard back. Guess we'll be seeing each other in the fall
  9. Congrats, classmate! Hope we'll get to meet for real in the fall (c'mon, vaccines!!)
  10. I suppose it's possible, but it's more probable that they aren't following any particular order and the volume of applicants is much, much greater than the members on this forum. It could be pure, unfortunate chance that more people on here haven't heard yet 😕
  11. No, which is interesting because in my rejection letter last year they did list it. I wonder if they only put it in rejection letters, to give applicants a sense of perspective? Based on what they said at the info session, they have a target for accepting about 70 people, but I don't know if that changed at all with any deferrals from last year.
  12. Let's hope their early morning start today means they're hitting the ground running. Crossing my fingers y'all get your emails soon.
  13. My letter didn't. My confirmation when I accepted the offer said to review the terms on the graduate funding page if my letter of admission said anything about it, but it looked like boilerplate stuff that goes on any admissions confirmation, including undergrad. There's going to be a mandatory orientation session in June that will probably cover more about this, since the info session in the fall didn't say anything about internal award procedures.
  14. I could think of a few reasons for this; if they're being sent manually, the admissions team might be on lunch break, or they might be working from home and the high volume of emails stresses the computer. If they're being sent automatically, they might be on a software-determined break to optimize machine performance/LORIS updating. Either way, I hope you all hear soon!!!
  15. Congrats!!! Laurier is more socially justice oriented, but there are some courses that will prepare you for clinical type work. Not as clinical as U of T.
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