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  1. I am already a part of that group. Thanks a bunch for the message 😀
  2. I looked at QS world university ranking. My first choice was UofT but I was waitlisted there. But honestly all MSW programs in Canada are competitive so if you get in anywhere be proud. Also for people who didn’t get in this year or havnt heard back yet don’t let that define who you are. Just keep trying and your time will come!
  3. Congrats for getting into both programs. I chose UBCO: As it ranks number 2 in Canada for social work. Not sure where Laurier ranks. I applied there as a backup honestly. UBCOs program focus is clinical which aligns with my goal. I wanna get into counselling in the future. The fee is around $5000 per year which isn’t bad. The class size is only 40 to 50 people which is great as you get to know your proffs better. Lastly I wanted a change from GTA and heard that the west coast is beautiful and people are really friendly there. All the best and feel free to send me a dir
  4. I don’t think they do it based on last name, maybe it’s just a coincidence. It got the email at 1 15pm today and they did not mention the number of applicants.
  5. Hi all, I got into Laurier 2 year in person MSW but I am declining it as I’m going to UBCO. Hopefully it opens up a spot for someone. Good luck everyone!
  6. Yes I am in the same boat as you, I’m moving from Toronto as well. I believe there is one more person here who is going to UBCO. I will send you a private message.
  7. last name A but I dont think they are going by that. Its probably a coincidence
  8. Hello everyone, I just got an email from UofT and my status changed to 'decision made'. I was waitlisted and I emailed them back that I do not want the spot. UofT quoted: "This year, the applicant pool was extremely competitive with over 890 applicants and only 140 spots for the incoming cohort. Within this very competitive process, your application has been placed on our Wait-List. It has been our experience that a number of accepted candidates withdraw between now and September. As positions become available, the Admissions Committee reviews files on the Wait-List and reco
  9. Congrats!!! I got my offer from UBCO as well for the 2 year program and I have until April 14th to decide. Still waiting on UofT to let me know. Did you accept your offer and if so how much deposit are they asking for?
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