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  1. Thanks for the update!! Can you share your initial?
  2. CONGRATULATIONS! 👏 Off to furiously refresh emails all day. Can you share your last initial, in case they are sending anything alphabetically as some other schools have?
  3. Here's hoping this is the week!!! (if not, the DAY)
  4. Thank you! Assuming they'll start to notify us next week then (fingers crossed)
  5. I think we're just supposed to receive an email when a decision is made, I feel like nothing will change on Loris.... And ugh I just read where it says "April" as their target date so was hoping we might get lucky with earlier.
  6. Still no word from Laurier for anyone, eh?
  7. Welcome to the communal anxiety club 🥳
  8. I figured since it says "April" for target date it was more likely mid-month. Just wishful thinking that they'll let us know early.... 😔
  9. Has anyone been brave enough to reach out to Laurier and ask for an update? It is taking all of my patience not to bombard all of these poor admissions coordinators.
  10. Still eagerly waiting... haven't gotten any updates since applying...
  11. I am really counting on it. Otherwise I may break the refresh button hahaha.
  12. Is anyone else furiously refreshing their inbox & status every day? The suspense is killing me.
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