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  1. I got waitlisted at Laurier as well and will be removing myself from it. Hopefully that helps some other people get off it sooner rather than later!
  2. I believe you were looking at the main campus in Vancouver. I had wanted to apply to that program as well but the 2 year program was suspended so the only option was Okanagan!
  3. The acceptances were sent out at different times but I got mine on March 5 and had 3 weeks to accept the offer
  4. Do we think that Laurier’s doing their acceptances alphabetically? Last name is N and I’m so impatient, especially after waiting so long for UofT lol
  5. Yeah I decided to apply elsewhere this year too and I got an offer from Windsor which I have accepted. Still waiting to hear from Laurier.
  6. I was waitlisted the last 2 years and never got off it. I also had a few friends who never got off it either, I only know 1 person who did. It’s frustrating that they don’t tell us the ranking so that we can at least have an idea.
  7. Waitlisted at 12:30am for the third year in a row. Pretty disappointed, but still waiting on Laurier and I have an acceptance from Windsor. Is there anyone else who’s planning on going to Windsor and knows if there’s been any groups created (here or on Facebook) for those starting this fall?
  8. I haven’t heard anything either - last name N
  9. I took an online course through Athabasca University to improve my research course!
  10. For those who have accepted the two year MSW at Windsor - have you had any correspondence from the university since accepting? Not sure when we should to expect to receive more information about registration and such.
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