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  1. I just withdrew my spot at Ryerson so a space will be open for those on the waitlist 💕
  2. I start in September, I meant the foundation of knowledge from when I applied two years ago versus now is literally a 180. I have heard from a couple York graduates that their MSW was 'easier' than undergrad because of the investment from the school and lots of support for student success. I have had a really good experience with York's accessibility office and the professors throughout my undergrad
  3. I had this exact same experience two years ago (literally rejected from York's 2-year MSW and waitlisted from U of T) and I loved the post-degree BSW program at York. I absolutely love York's School of Social Work and I felt like the Post-Degree program really provided me with a foundation for grad school.
  4. Hi Everyone! Is anyone who is going to York for the Advanced Stream interested in having some sort of group either like Facebook, Insta or WhatsApp?!
  5. I've heard from the grapevine that Ryerson is doing everything completely online and even placements are remote. As for York, they did send out an email that they are going to try and do in-person learning so what I am guessing is that smaller graduate programs might have in person? I seriously can't even imagine any 1st/2nd/3rd year undergrads going in person when class sizes are 300 plus. Or even the BSW program - we had about 30-40 students per course and classes were already so crammed with no space to "social distance." Personally, I really struggle with virtual learning vs in the cl
  6. Hey All! I just wanted to share some information I got from York about admissions. They said that this year for the 2-year MSW there were 480 applicants (they accept 20), and for the Advanced there were 320 applications (they accept 40). I don't know when they will make the offers for the 2-year but they are rolling out the advanced offers now.
  7. There is a lot of conversation around U of T but I just wanted to share that I will be turning down my offer from Ryerson and McMaster's Critical Analysis Stream for anyone on the waitlist ❤️
  9. Hi Folks! There are a lot of questions on this platform around what the msw programs are looking for and a lot of stat sharing. I just want to give an overview on my experience applying this round for the msw advanced stream. Waterloo: Waitlisted Toronto: Waitlisted Laurier: Declined (got the e-mail this morning) Ryerson: Accepted McMaster: Accepted York: No fucking clue yet 😭!!! Honestly, I applied to as many schools as possible because I just wanted to be accepted into ONE but Ryerson, McMaster and York are the social work schools that align most with my
  10. Oh wow! Honestly, U of T and York (2-year) let me know I was waitlisted in early April (which I was on until September...). I didn't find out about the Post-Degree BSW until the end of April. It was so hard waiting! Sending you love!
  11. Honestly, since MSW programs are so competitive I would accept the MSW if it was offered. I actually applied to both a couple years ago and was waitlisted at Toronto and York but accepted into the York Post-Degree BSW program that I am actually just completing now. The BSW route was longer but I am really grateful for the opportunity and I was accepted into an MSW program for this September. I think however you get there is the right way for you! Only you know what is best for you wishing you the best!
  12. I am just responding to the inquiries about admissions and numbers in regard to MSW programs - a couple of connections I have at York (field placement coordinator, two tenure professors who review applications) shared with me that applications have substantially increased this year across the board (MSW and PhD applications) and the staff are associating it with the pandemic (e.g., job loss, upgrading, stay-at-home orders etc.)
  13. Same here! But Acorn is also blank for me. I applied to the 1-Year Social Justice stream.
  14. You too 🥰 the advanced standing (I didn't know they had a 2-year stream!). My last name is J. Do you know how many students they admit?
  15. I just received a call from May Friedman at Ryerson who offered me admission into their MSW program. I'm still crying... fingers crossed to all that applied!!
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