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  1. York Advanced-Standing stream peeps! I made a facebook group. It's private but visible. @Lulu21 @tjo @cathySW If there are any other folx, please join us! Thanks for suggesting @tjo I'm 99.9% sure that's where I'll be in September. Search Facebook for: York University 1-Year MSW - Class of 2022
  2. This is a funding question for folks going into Carleton's advanced standing MSW: I know Carleton gives every student some funding upon offering them a place in their program. Is there a minimum amount of funding that every Carleton MSW student automatically receives? And is additional funding for students with higher grades? Is it attached to TA and RA positions? I got into York and I'm starting to lean towards it because the tuition is HALF the cost of Carleton (based on fee calculator). York also gives each 1 year MSW student (not sure about 2 year) $10,000 in funding plus extra
  3. Are you a current York student? I don't think Pip would have contacted you if it wasn't necessary. For example, I have a previous Bachelor of Arts and then I just completed my final coursework for a BSW in December. I didn't give official transcripts for either--technically I haven't graduated from my BSW yet. I genuinely don't think Pip would have contacted you if it wasn't necessary. Again, I haven't received an official acceptance offer. I have a month to get York my transcripts, otherwise I won't get an official offer. Did you receive a conditional offer on MyFile?
  4. Got a call from Pip to send in my official transcripts before they could proceed on an offer of admission. I applied for the advanced standing stream. Because it's not official, nothing has changed on MyFile etc. Congrats to everyone!
  5. Yikes. I was hoping for a bday miracle today--that somehow York would sense it's my bday and release admission decisions. Hahaha, clearly not. I'm not 100% but I think other folks have posted late march to mid april??? Please someone correct me on this. I applied for advanced standing. Were you on the waitlist? I'm just trying to wrap my head around June 15th.
  6. Honestly, knowing that it was an extra competitive application cycle makes me feel slightly less discouraged by the waiting. I hope York releases their decisions soooooooon.
  7. @bettyWhite If you are set on a clinical practicum, I would definitely recommend choosing Waterloo. I was a Research Assistant for Ryerson's MSW last year and I can confirm that there are ZERO clinical placements with Ryerson's MSW. Moreover, they have zero clinically-focussed classes.
  8. Congrats! That is amazing. I also applied to the 1-year but was waitlisted on the February 17th. I've been checking carleton central everyday but didn't comb through my email well enough, and so I only just found the email from Andrea saying that I was waitlisted yesterday. Kinda glad I missed 11 days of waitlist-induced teeth grinding! For anyone who is curious, my application status is "preliminary review required" in Carleton 360 and "Review in progress by department" in Carleton Central. Based on what I've read, "Review in progress by Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs" usu
  9. Did my BSW at Ryerson. May is the BEST ❤️
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