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  1. Hi, I just rejected my acceptance from Ryerson University for advanced standing MSW program. Hope this opens up a spot for someone. Good luck everyone!
  2. At least you know now and can plan for the future. Hopefully you get in at another school or next year.
  3. York rolls out their admissions in “waves” the first wave has a better chance of getting in. Once people make a decision in the first wave they move on to the second wave of people. This is what I was told my admissions when they called me. Stay as positive as you can, I know this is a stressful time but nobody need to be beating themselves up about it. If it’s not meant to be then people get a chance to gain work experience or volunteering done while applying for next year.
  4. It’s the weekend so I guess we will get our letters Monday.
  5. I got an acceptance on myfile, never got a call.From my understanding Pip calls people of more documentation is needed not to notify people that they got accepted.
  6. No I am not currently a York student. I will only have my official transcript in a month or two, maybe that’s why she hasn’t asked for it yet. I received an “admitted” and it gave me an option to either accept or decline the offer. I haven’t received the official acceptance letter either.
  7. Did you graduate already ? I am complaining my last semester. I got my acceptance today but Pip did not call me to ask for my official transcript. Thanks
  8. Thank you! Do you know any info about scholarships? I know Ryerson right away told the amount.
  9. Just checked my file and received my acceptance from York. I can’t seem to find the admissions letter it self. Does anyone who got accepted find it ? Thanks and good luck to everyone
  10. I know a few people who got accepted into MSW with little to no work or volunteer experience. It really depends on the grades and the overall application. Impatiently waiting for York’s response. I was accepted into Ryerson’s MSW but still want to hear from York.
  11. I am in the same boat as you both. Would we get an email if we don’t get in ?
  12. Under Academics before getting an invite did it say MSW or anything ? Mine is blank. Thanks
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