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  1. I just got accepted to York’s post-grad BSW. I will likely be declining as I have been accepted to an MSW program. But this might be good news for those of you on the waitlist for York
  2. Hello everyone! Would people attending Carleton’s 2-year MSW starting fall 2021 be interested in having a Facebook group? I am currently on the waitlist for U of T but have been accepted to Carleton so if I made the group but got off the waitlist someone else would need to take over the group admin.
  3. To those of you who where accepted to U of T (HUGE congratulations!), how long do you have to respond?
  4. I got an email that I was placed on the Wait List for U of T about 40 minutes ago. My last initial starts with B!
  5. I just found out I was waitlisted at U of T!!!
  6. Just to paint a picture of what’s happening (also to feel less alone haha) could everyone who hasn’t heard from U of T yet like this post?
  7. I would love to know if waitlist decisions are going to come out today. My last name starts with B so likely haven’t gotten in but I would be very happy on a waitlist.
  8. I completely agree. Let’s hold space for people to feel their feelings. It is valid to be upset right now. This is hard
  9. Has anyone else with a last name that starts with B or C heard yet?
  10. I also have the last initial B and I haven’t heard anything!
  11. Do you think it’s possible that they sent out all their acceptances already?
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