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  1. I definitely get that! I live in Waterloo right now for my undergrad because i was stuck in a lease, but as of the Fall, I'm moving back home to Mississauga so when I start the BSW in the fall, i'm gonna have to drive back and forth on Thursdays and Fridays for classes. The nice thing is that for the placement, you can request a specific location and it doesn't have to be in Waterloo. I think that's a huge advantage because it saves you from the commute every day. I believe the part-time program is offered online, but not the full-time program (unless because of covid of course)
  2. I have a couple of friends in the BSW program at Waterloo and have heard great things! I currently am finishing up my social development studies degree at waterloo & got accepted to BSW (accepted my offer last night) + I got waitlisted for Uoft's 2 yr msw. It's a great option because it makes you eligible for the 1 yr advanced standing program which is really nice. You also get to do a practicum for all 10 months which is really nice because you get your hours to become registered with the CSWSSW. I'd take a close look at their prerequisite courses because you either need a Social Service
  3. Congrats! I've been keeping track and so far there have been 22 offers for domestic students & 14 waitlisted for UofT! Hope that helps!
  4. Honestly I think so, but it also doesn't make sense. From all the people on the forum, I've counted 22 offers and so far 10 waitlists. Obviously I'm sure there are plenty of people who don't even know about this forum. But I thought there would be more offers
  5. Fellow K here - I feel you, it's stressing me out. Lmk if you hear anything!
  6. Hey! Would you be able to share the letter your last name begins with? Just want an idea of whether or not they've passed me yet!
  7. Ahh okay, thank you! Congrats!! - Did you guys get a letter of some sort with more information?
  8. would you guys be able to share what your last name begins with?
  9. I wonder if they'll go back. Given that we're almost through the alphabet. I'm hoping they go back... i only have 20 ppl listed who have gotten offers so far. Can you tell I'm paranoid 😅
  10. I'm still keeping track of acceptances from both groups, and we're at around 19 people who have been accepted and currently sitting at the letter S. If there are 140 spots, I'm hoping this gives all of us some hope! Hang in there guys, I feel your pain.
  11. Acceptances Mswhopeful97 -A 1996msw2021 -A Nomi- A Sofiaofspace -B Kb221522-B Mswamy- E (4:15pm) Hasnoodea (F) (4:53pm) Melanin and Justice - J Greenolive -H (6:31pm) Saira4 -k 10 ppl accepted so far. I went back and counted lol
  12. I thought those were just the ppl who applied, not those who got accepted? Maybe I misread it lol
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