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  1. Hey everyone, I'm not sure if anyone else was waiting for UfT Advanced Standing Waitlist to move. I got an email from them today saying the waitlist is officially closed and they've reached their maximum numbers.
  2. I've also been accepted and would love to know if a group has been created already!
  3. Also on the advanced standing waitlist and haven't heard anything! One of my friends was accepted off of the waitlist a week before classes started back in 2019 so I would encourage more patience lol. That's what I keep telling myself.
  4. My GPA was a 3.67. I did my BSW so I had three different social work agency placements/internships, which gave me a variety of roles within social work, and I had one year of field experience before I applied for my MSW. I also had volunteering experience. Hope this helps!
  5. I applied to the in person program!
  6. I did just receive it this morning at 11:32am exactly LOL. Thank you so much! I was so nervous. I only applied to two schools and got waitlisted at UofT so this was great news. Good luck, I hope you get in
  7. Hi everyone! I also just received an acceptance to advanced standing Laurier! My last name starts with an S! Seems like this is the week. Congrats to anyone else also accepted!
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