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  1. Yeah it's true that I could defer my acceptance but I really wouldn't like tooooo though. I've been working in the field for over 6 years and just want to get the MSW done y'know? It just sucks that this area of work is what I'm passionate about. I know very intently what I want to do too for the MSW. I'm sooo torn. Decisions Decisions :( I've been looking on the UofT website and they've been saying that they plan to open in September. I'm a little confused as i've seen at least three or so different emails as a point of contact. Does anyone know who I would be able to contact ( via emai
  2. Following this question, I need some help. Could someone give me the advantages of going to U of T! I just landed my dream job in my city and want to work in it for the first year so i'm wondering if school will be remote this fall?
  3. I don't mind at all! It changed to invited with orange lettering and then a deposit fee was outstanding for 500$
  4. I was notified on ACORN only. It's weird because I thought it would be for both ACORN and SGS. I also didn't get an email yet.
  5. OH MY GOD I JUST GOT IN TO U OF T! Last letter J
  6. I hope this is the case. It would be so cruel if they kind of just stopped even though the admission team has a life outside of this kind of work.
  7. Oh My GOD finally caught up on reading the messages here and im soooo nervous you guys. Last initial J here haha. This is literally the moment we've been waiting for and talking about for some time now. I feel like i'm going to throw up the way my throat has been in a knot today haha. Everyone has been incredibly uplifting and nurturing throughout the process and i'm so honored to connect with people in this way - especially in the unprecedented times we are in.
  8. Hey! Got an email earlier today saying that I've been accepted into Carleton's 2 year program too Congratulations to everyone receiving acceptances. I'm still in so much shock reviewing the funding package tonight
  9. True Say! With that, I genuinely wish everyone the best of luck! Reading from the commentary of previous years, having colleagues of mine in their MSW/ completed their MSW, and considering the times of this pandemic, it really is anyone's game. I am so sure that everyone on here is more than worthy of being accepted into any school they have applied to regardless of the outcome. I've honestly personally accepted the possibility of not getting accepted anywhere at this point and have made peace with it. Will come back and chat on here frequently but I think i'm just not going to str
  10. It is my first time applying! I honestly don't think i'll get in but also I have to think positive! How bout you?
  11. I just submitted mine today and i'm freaking out too! So relieving to finish but also I feel like I spoke truthfully from the heart. I also applied to U of T, but Carleton as well
  12. Hi French MSW , I am in the same boat for applications (except it is my first time around).I actually am working on my personal intent as well and not sure if I am doing well by any means as I am nervous out of my mind. I also don't mind looking over personal intent letters and love that idea. Best of luck to you ( and everyone)!
  13. I feel where you're coming from completely. This process is extremely stressful for me as well! There is this overwhelming feeling that people will be evaluating what you write and your experiences. Ahh! I just finished my application tonight to Carleton and I'm spinning.
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