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  1. Hi! I was in psych so I had a bit of counselling experience and a 84% average in my last year. I think thats all they looked at for grades but I'm not sure. I wrote a thesis and presented at a couple conferences so that helped. I've worked in four psychology research labs during my undergrad as well! I had maybe 1000-1500 hrs of "relevant" experience depending on what each school counted. this was a mix of things like working as a camp counselor, volunteering in pride organizations & counselling positions, and a few community based jobs I've had. Honestly I had really low confidence w
  2. I just got accepted to u of t 2 year! Last name starts with B so I do think its alphabetical! Just crying at work casually lol
  3. Alright everyone who gets in at U of T has to promise to talk to the admissions committee abt how long this takes 😂😂 I'm mostly joking but I only have a couple weeks left to figure out a housing situation so it would be nice if they answered
  4. I forgot to post on here, but I was accepted into Windsor's 2 year MSW earlier this week! Still haven't heard anything from U of T, Laurier, or York. Starting to get anxious cause I need to figure out where I'm going to be living some time in the next couple weeks. Landlords are the worst 😭
  5. Hey everyone! I could definitely use some advice if anyone can help. I have a honours thesis undergrad in psychology and was originally planning to do clinical psych but after being rejected twice, I'm exploring MSW as an option. The schools I am looking at are U of T, York, Windsor, and Laurier. Ideally I want to go somewhere that allows me to focus on mental health and possibility write a thesis, but I'm flexible. I have some thoughts and questions I would love to talk out with people: 1) Work experience - I was told by a friend with a MSW that pretty much any job where
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