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  1. It's one month from when you received the offer. I received mine on March 29th, therefore I would have to let her know by the end of April.
  2. For those who were accepted to UofT's MSW 2 year program: I received an email from Angela today confirming that she received my forms and deposit. She is probably getting back today to those who accepted.
  3. Just the 2 year I believe.
  4. I got invited to the MSW 2 year program at UofT! I already paid my admission deposit. I've been waiting for this for 3 years! I was wait-listed 2 years ago and since then I have acquired my SSW diploma, 1 year experience as an addictions counsellor and 2 years experience as a crisis responder for Kids Help Phone. I outlined this new experience in my application. I originally was pessimistic about the process since my CGPA for my BA is 2.8. My last year GPA (all senior courses) is 3.4. Therefore, to those who are worried about your marks and eligibility...yes it can affect your chanc
  5. I was wait-listed as well! I honestly was expecting a rejection letter and it made me sick to my stomach when my mom told me that she received my letter. She then told me over the phone that I was wait-listed and I started shaking. I just came out of my undergrad although I am a mature student and got into Uoft through the Bridging Program (I only completed grade 10). Since I withdrew from high school, I was nervous how the faculty would respond to my application. In my personal statement I described how my biggest accomplishment was deciding to go back to school even though I've been out of s
  6. Hey'all! This was my first time applying for the two-year MSW program at UofT. It took a lot more work than I anticipated, although writing the personal statement was a rewarding experience. I was very nervous initially applying since I didn't do so well in my first few years of my undergrad. The administration clearly states that they only look at your last year of senior courses for your GPA, although one of my professors told me that it's not entirely true. He said no matter what they will take into account your cGPA. I'm not sure if my professor is correct or not but he did not make the pr
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