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  1. Just got my rejection letter to the part time MSW online program at Laurier. I knew it was coming after my rejection from UofT as Laurier seemed even more competitive. The letter said there was 25 spots and 230 applicants "that met their minimum requirements". The average candidate had 9 years of relevant experience. Congrats to all who got in this program you should feel very proud of yourself! I will be applying to BSW fast tracked programs for 2021- the Orillia Lakehead is my first choice but I will also apply to Dalihouse, University of Manitoba and University of Victoria. Feel free to DM
  2. In my rejection letter from U of T 2 yr MSW program they said nearly 700 applied and there was a total of 130 spots! Congrats on getting in
  3. I'm sorry to hear about your rejection from Laurier! I had my rejection from UofT already and I am expecting one from Laurier at this point but haven't heard back...was this rejection for the online 2 year MSW starting in September?
  4. I just received my rejection through SGS through UOFT :(. I have been bracing myself as my CGPA and final year GPA was not competitive at all, just making the cut off for final year GPA (Otherwise I thought my personal statement, work and volunteer experience was relatively competitive). It doesn’t feel as bad as I thought though, it’s only made me more motivated to improve and try a second time! Does anyone know of any 1 year BSW programs for those who have a undergrad degree already? The rejection letter mentions doing a BSW or taking 4 courses at the senior level to improve GPA
  5. I emailed Angela to ask. Will post her response once she replies.
  6. Congarts to all those getting your acceptances :). Just a question, has anyone been accepted into U of T MSW 2 year stream with a GPA between 3.0 and 3.5? I gather from posts it seems all very high 3's or 4.
  7. Congrats on your acceptance! I took CQMS Business 101 Stats at Ryerson online with Professor Chua, would recommend!
  8. Hi there! Congrats on your acceptance! It's nice to see individuals who didn't give up after the first attempt at applying . I had two questions for you- firstly, did you spend time improving your GPA or increasing volunteering/research experience after you got wait listed last year by U of T? Secondly, is your acceptance to U of T for the advanced standing MSW or the 2 year non BSW MSW? Thank you!
  9. I spoke with Danielle Belliveau from Laurier and yes she said: "Thank you for reaching out. Admissions will be giving out decisions for September 2020 applicants in May. You will receive either an e-mail or a letter in the mail." I was asking for September start for the part time online 2 year MSW program.
  10. Congrats on your acceptance!! It's nice Carleton has a quick turn around time in comparison to some of the other schools.
  11. Hello everyone, I've applied to U of T and Wilfred both 2 year non BSW program. I would have applied to more schools but I'm getting married in August and will be living in the GTA so I can't go elsewhere. I did my undergrad at York and was more into clinical vs grass roots policy change/human rights MSW so I did not apply there. My fingers are crossed but this program seems so competitive. My stats grade was good at an A- but my GPA was only a 3.15 (really was not seeing past undergrad at the time unfortunately- graduated 4 years ago) which yes makes the 3.0 cut off but with the v
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