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  1. Rejection. Laurier. Pissed but it is what it is. Good luck everyone!
  2. I'd say mid-May to June are your best bet. The deadlines for people to accept usually end around there.
  3. Congtats! What's your last name initial? (if you dont mind me asking)
  4. Thanks for making the u of t FB group 😁
  5. Me, waitlisted at U of T, waiting for WLU to send out the news.
  6. Waitlisted at 6:40. N. More reasoning: Didn't think my app would stand a chance so I'm really happy. I have a really solid plan for the year off that I think will solidify my next app. Best
  7. https://www.utoronto.ca/news/u-t-plans-fall-semester-most-courses-and-activities-offered-person Hey mate last time I heard they were looking to offer things in person but I am skeptical. Fingers crossed.
  8. Oh weird I don't know how that picture of me at the Factor-Inwentash building doors got posted. I think my finger slipped.
  9. I'm going to throw up lmao. Fingers crossed they skipped M and N for some reason and decided to come back later.
  10. I have no idea as I am a non UofT student. It would make no sense to have to make a different account if you already have an ACORN but I've been wrong before. Maybe your current ACORN just updates to show your acceptance?
  11. Hey so I was in a similar boat a few weeks ago and was almost sent into a panic the moment I first read about an acorn login. I never got anything either so I really want to help you out. The catch is I'm kind of a dingus so my instructions probably aren't the clearest and I haven't had my morning coffee yet. Step 1. Go to the sgs application page and login. Step 2. Click on the profile update tab. Step 3. Copy and paste the section of u of t student number (see pic below) Step 4: take that bad boy (the student number) to this link over here https://uoft.me/enable. The
  12. Where my last name N's at? 😎😎😎 #laterhalfofthealphabetRISEUP
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