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  1. @NervousmeThank you so much! Definitely letting go and trying my best to not judge myself. I am fortunate to have a therapist who I can see often for free! I took a mindfulness course at the hospital. Honestly meditation was a huge help for me in conjunction with therapy. Having a strong support system is always good. I joined a meditation group, book club, pilates, and pottery. Consistency is key!
  2. Hey All! I just wanted to chime in the conversation. Long time lurker. I also got accepted earlier this week (I have the 'Invited' on my Acorn account). My last name starts with 'A'. I was previously a student at UofT. I did really badly due to health and mental health issues. My GPA was around 2.4. I did do really well in the research courses, which I know they take into consideration. I decided to do a certificate program at York and did extremely well (8/9 GPA). I applied to UofT Sept 2017, and was put on the waitlist. I was hesitant applying for 2018. I have a lot of volunteer experie
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