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  1. For the full-time 2 year program, on campus. I don't think I had an especially high GPA (82%), so I'm honestly not sure.
  2. I got notified yesterday that I was offered an OGS scholarship for Laurier! I didn't even apply, so it was a huge surprise. Has anyone else ever heard of this happening before (not completing the application beforehand and needing to retroactively complete it when offered the award)?
  3. Congrats! That must feel like a big relief. Here is the FB group if you'd like to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/165235444294203/
  4. I did some rough calculations on when we should hear back... the 1-years got their responses around March 2nd, and had three weeks to reply (March 23), and the waitlisted applicants seem to have heard back last week (roughly 1 month later). By that timeline, the 2-years heard back around March 29th, and had about three weeks to reply (April 24). So 1 month from then would be May 22nd. That seems in line with last year -- the waitlist moved near the end of May/beginning of June. Still quite a bit of waiting to go!
  5. If you aren't on the waitlist, then sadly it is a rejection. I called last week too, to the same effect. They only accepted 20 and waitlisted 10.
  6. Thanks for the heads up, I just called! Sadly I didn't get in.
  7. Mine is the same, and I saw at least one person here say theirs is "reviewed - unsuccessful". I want to be hopeful that I'm on the waitlist, but they did say only 10 get waitlisted in total so it's a very slim chance. York seems to be especially slow with updating MyFile, even for those that get accepted; it's usually a 2 week wait for any online updates, from the day they make the decision.
  8. For those accepted to the YorkU 2-year fulltime, was there a date that you had to respond by for your offer?
  9. I joined too! Had to reactivate Facebook but it's worth it haha
  10. Most - if not all - grad programs don't let you defer acceptance, and the same is plausibly true for waitlist status as well
  11. I'm currently sitting on that decision as well (and waiting to see if perhaps I'm waitlisted at York, since that's my top choice). I'd like to call them and ask what the deposit is, because I'll probably go the route @foxstock suggested and see how that plays out. It doesn't sit well with me though, since if I don't get into UofT then I'll probably feel "stuck" with Laurier and I don't want to have that kind of attitude towards a great program
  12. At the Laurier info session, did they say how many people typically apply? How many they accept?
  13. I got an email from Laurier! I'm accepted into the 2-year MSW program Strange that it got sent outside of business hours, but I'm not complaining
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