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  1. To anyone writing cover letters for practicum positions at the moment - I am writing a general one that cannot speak to any specific skills I'd like to learn, any agencies I'd like to work at, or any specific theories or types of social work. Does anyone have any advice on what to include if it's not any of those things? I'm lost! Note: I am starting my 2 yr MSW at York.
  2. Hey! I'm wondering the same things.. I paid the enrollment fee many weeks ago but am still not able to log in to the system to start enroling in courses. Did you have any issues with this or were you able to log in from MyYorkU right away and start choosing courses? Their labour disruption has made everything especially difficult.
  3. I got off the waitlist at U of T yesterday afternoon, too! It's a miracle. Is anyone also deciding between York and U of T? I'm having a lot of trouble deciding, especially with York's funding. If I'm interested in doing macro type social work - does anyone have any opinions on which program would be best?
  4. To anyone who is going to York (2 year program or maybe even otherwise), do you know anything about whether a deposit of some sort is due this month? I remember grad admin mentioning this during the acceptance phone call but I've received zero communication from them since then, other than an orientation invite. Can anyone confirm? Thank you!
  5. Just want to check and see if someone's already created a Facebook group for the York University 2 year MSW program?
  6. If you're referring to York's MyFile mine has also not changed from No Decision Yet! I received a phone call re my acceptance on March 27 and haven't heard or received a thing since . Although, if you received a phone call already you can be sure you're accepted. They must just be really slow in updating their system *EDIT: I didn't realize U of T had "MyFile" too, only ACORN. My bad!
  7. I received an acceptance letter from UWindsor last night but I will not be accepting, so to anyone on their waitlist - hang in there!
  8. Hey! @lydia616 were talking about the same issue. We've both been accepted and our statuses haven't changed from No Decision Yet on MyFile (unless your's changed this weekend Lydia!). I'm still having trouble deciding whether I'll be accepting the offer. Are you planning to accept? If yes, I'd love to hear your thoughts on why you're choosing the program.
  9. Hey! If you received a phone call last week with an acceptance then your MyFile should change by next week.
  10. Thank you! It was definitely easier to open this letter (almost sure it was a waitlist) knowing I had somewhere to go in the fall. But of course I'm happy it's York, too - seems like a really good program.
  11. Thankfully OCSWSSW members are qualified to provide psychotherapy services, if that's something you're interested in doing: http://www.ocswssw.org/professional-practice/regulation-of-psychotherapy/
  12. Hey! Ammad had only mentioned that MyFile would take a "few" days to update with the accept/decline link but that we should be receiving an email indicating there's a notification on MyFile beforehand. Mine still says "No Decision Yet" and I haven't received any letter in the mail. Tomorrow and Monday are holidays so I'm not sure there will be any changes until Tuesday, but I'm not worried about it. I know I had also mentioned I'd let you know what he says about practicums! I haven't forgotten - he just put me in touch with the practicum coordinator and I'm currently waiting on a response from
  13. I currently work for a regulatory body so I can verify this is true! By 2020 I believe anyone providing mental health care services (ie: psychotherapy, therapy) must be a member of the College of Registered Psychotherapists, OCSWSSW, College of Occupational Therapists, College of Nurses of Ontario or the College of Psychologists.
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