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  1. Hi there! I applied a couple of times, and typically the advanced standing stream is released February 2020. I wouldn't expect to hear from Laurier for the 2 year stream until late March/early April... they've been pretty consistent on this so I didn't want you to get your hopes up!
  2. The first time I applied, I had a few years experience volunteering with youth, but no direct work experience. I didn't get in that round. The second year I applied, I had accumulated a year and a half of experience in youth justice. That work experience (plus the perspective it provided me/the new experiences I could speak to) helped a lot - I was accepted round 2! Amount of experience is important, but it isn't everything. Focus on what those experiences taught you, what stood out and what is important based on your knowledge of the field.
  3. Hello! Just wanted to reintroduce myself on this thread like I did last year I am currently in year 2 of the 2 year MSW at Laurier! I am in the on-campus program, feel free to ask any questions 2nd year is busy so I will reply when possible!
  4. For our cohort, Tuesday and Wednesday were 9-4:30 and Thursday was 9-12. I do think they are changing the times though.... so class is either starting earlier or ending later next year (I can't remember which). Hope that helps!
  5. No problem at all! I am enjoying the program a lot! We have some incredible professors at Laurier and they really help make the learning experience great. I enjoy most of the courses as well - I find the majority of the content to be applicable as I've started my placement, even when I didn't think it would be! It is relevant and up to date, and the classes are wonderful. In terms of textbooks, the professors are very mindful of it and most don't make you buy anything at all! Most are online. I have purchased two textbooks only in the 8 months I've been in the program so far! In te
  6. For everyone waiting to hear from York - I was rejected two years in a row and both times they never updated MyFile. It continuously said "under consideration" for months, until I eventually stopped checking (I kept checking for fun after I knew I received my other acceptances). They are not great at letting people down gently!
  7. Hey! I am only in my first year of the two year program, so can't speak to the whole thing as we are just finishing up term 2/3 for first year. But for the first semester, we had class three days a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) with packed days, but Mondays and Fridays off. Definitely seems like a dream schedule, and it is helpful because you will need it for the work load! It is a lot but manageable if you put the time into it with the free days you're given. Second semester we have had placement from Monday-Wednesday, and classes Thursday and Friday. More physically exhausting fo
  8. Hi there! For reference - I was waitlisted at Laurier beginning of April last year, and received my acceptance about four weeks later There is hope!
  9. I did have good grades, a 92% average when graduating. Keep in mind, though, that I had the same average the first time that I applied and got rejected across the board, so I don't think grades are a huge part of it. Don't let grades freak you out. I had very little research experience. And by very little, I mean only projects I had to do as part of my two research courses - nothing extra! Quite minimal compared to others. I don't remember the exact amount of hours I had for experience. I'm sure I could find it in my application if you really want to know. I had done a good deal of v
  10. I was rejected by Western and then accepted to U of T for the 2 year program! It's possible!
  11. Don't panic - Laurier's admin staff is very helpful and always willing to lend a hand. They will help you figure it out!
  12. Hopefully that means they've changed the process and aren't making everyone painfully wait for snail mail confirmation anymore!
  13. I know... Maybe they will be earlier, but that's when they've done it the past couple years. For the timeline, expect the worst, hope for the best...?!
  14. Hi there! So sorry for the late reply - we are just past the midterm point and placement/assignments are taking up most of my time! U of T didn't send me an email. They should update ACORN to "invited" when you are accepted, although I have heard of a couple of cases where they missed this step. They updated mine though! After that, a letter will follow in the mail. Annoying, I know.... I was so anxious that my "invited" was an accident until I got the final letter!
  15. Acceptances rolled out early April last year
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