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  1. NEW Canadian universities M.S.W thread (2017)

    That's what I was thinking. I have a backup plan that starts in May which could help me find opportunities to strengthen my application, and if I get in off the waitlist I'm definitely going to quit (because it won't affect me adversely to do so) and start at U of T in the fall. Definitely hoping to see you there!
  2. NEW Canadian universities M.S.W thread (2017)

    U of T students - It has been a whirlwind of a past few days and I can't remember if this question as been asked already, so I'm going to ask it again. For those of you who were on the wait list, or those of you who know this information in general, how long does it take for the wait list to start moving? Does anyone have any inkling about how many people they put on the wait list? Are there actually decent odds of getting in off the wait list, or should I not focus on that? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Feeling pretty defeated after this round of applications!
  3. NEW Canadian universities M.S.W thread (2017)

    Did she say if we will all know this week? Or are they drawing this out all through April?
  4. NEW Canadian universities M.S.W thread (2017)

    I really hope Laurier is still sending out a second round of acceptances... But if not, will they email us about waitlist or rejections? My LORIS still doesn't say anything
  5. Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    Thank you so much for reaching out! Today has been especially hard, likely because I am sick and the weather has been gloomy, so it doesn't help. I am trying very hard to focus on the positives, give thanks for the good things in my life, and only focus on what I can control. It is tiring and difficult sometimes, but overall I think I am slowly regaining my inner happiness back. It's good to hear that time really does heal all, although it is sometimes difficult to believe. There are so many big transitions happening in my life right now and it can get overwhelming. Unfortunately, I don't think I've received any acceptances this application round either - so now it's time to move on to plan B. Between that and the relationship, it has been hard not wondering where I've gone wrong sometimes. But I really am trying to keep my chin up and just keep pushing forward!
  6. NEW Canadian universities M.S.W thread (2017)

    I'm not sure, I'm just trying to keep up a positive attitude that they're still giving out admissions
  7. NEW Canadian universities M.S.W thread (2017)

    Do you guys know if Laurier does rounds of admissions?
  8. NEW Canadian universities M.S.W thread (2017)

    So I think this week will be the week Laurier starts getting back to us! Good luck everyone, sending out positive thoughts!
  9. NEW Canadian universities M.S.W thread (2017)

    I'm with you on staying positive! We are in the home stretch and soon we will be able to plan accordingly
  10. NEW Canadian universities M.S.W thread (2017)

    Officially received my waitlist letter from U of T... at least it's not a rejection!
  11. NEW Canadian universities M.S.W thread (2017)

    Okay that's good to know so I stop obsessively logging into LORIS
  12. NEW Canadian universities M.S.W thread (2017)

    My logins on LORIS have definitely increased in the past few days, because I know results are coming any time now! I believe if you are accepted it shows up on LORIS right? Does anyone know if there's an email notification to let you know to check LORIS?
  13. NEW Canadian universities M.S.W thread (2017)

    Well now that I know about 3/4 schools... LET'S GO LAURIER!!! I believe in the acceptance! haha
  14. NEW Canadian universities M.S.W thread (2017)

    There was no mail from U of T at my parents' house! They're even slow to reject me! lol
  15. NEW Canadian universities M.S.W thread (2017)

    I am not in my hometown right now and so I'm waiting for my parents to check the mail when they get home from work... ROSI doesn't say anything for me, so I'm either rejected or waitlisted. For those who are accepted, do you mind if I ask when you need to accept the offer by? Just trying to get a feel for how quickly the waitlist initially moves on the off chance that I have been waitlisted