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  1. Yeah, I know U of T said the waitlist stays open until mid-September.
  2. Woo! Amazing marks! One more question for ya: How long did U of T give you to accept your offer? Just wondering what the turn around looks like for the first round that has gone out. Thanks much!
  3. OMG CONGRATS! Advanced standing, or two-year?
  4. I hear the waitlist is pretty large, and I doubt it -- U of T keeps their waitlist open until mid-September, so an email before then is unlikely.
  5. Sorry to pester you on this point - but any chance you know whether it was the two-year or the advanced standing program?
  6. Hi! Just curious where you're looking for apartments. Craiglist? Kijiji? I'll be moving with my boyfriend looking for a one bedroom and not sure where to start!
  7. No, I applied to the two year!
  8. Yep, I got my rejection from York. My myfile changed to 'application reviewed -- unsuccessful'.
  9. I am doing the two year! And I'm surprised to hear that King's is more clinical than Laurier -- everyone I've spoken to says that U of T and Laurier are the most clinical schools. I was attracted to King's because of the small class size, but am worried because no one here (Toronto) has heard much about the program there, whereas everyone knows about Laurier. Also Laurier claims to have 700+ placement opps whereas King's has 300+. I received funding at neither so that factor doesn't help. Also rent is cheaper in London but tuition is cheaper at Laurier so I'm still torn! I plan on visiting both schools once my essays wrap up this week. Any chance you know any King's alum?
  10. And on top of that there's the fact that all the schools seem to be looking for something different, with no discernible rhyme or reason. I applied to 5 schools, was rejected by one, waitlisted at 2, and accepted to 2, with no funding offered for any. There's an arbitraryness to the process for sure.
  11. Okay - for those of us who have received the acceptances we want to receive -- can I ask how everyone is making their decisions? Are you thinking about the city in which you'll have to live? Are you focusing on the reputation of the program? Class sizes, the foundational unpinning of the program? All of the above? I'm very torn between Laurier and Western, and would love any input on the way you're all making your decisions.
  12. Hi everyone - In case anyone who was accepted to an MSW last year is still active on this site, I'm hoping to speak to someone from the King's College MSW about their experience in the two-year (or even the one-year) program. I was accepted this year, but have also received an offer from Laurier and I'm having a really tough time deciding which is my best fit. How clinical is Western? What's the placement program like? Is the small class size as much of a bonus as I imagine it to be? Long shot, but if anyone has any insight and can send me a DM I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!
  13. I think it's limited -- I didn't get any either.
  14. In previous years it's been approx 75! Someone who's in thier first year of a two year MSW wrote a generously long post talking about the program earlier in this thread, if you look back a few pages.
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