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  1. I have emailed her a few time’s and she usually responds pretty quickly. However it may be a particularly busy time for her. Hope you hear back soon!
  2. You should contact Angela at admissions. She will be able to give you the right answer. Anything on this forum will probably just be speculation.
  3. I did mine as one answer including the two questions but honestly I don’t think it matters. They would have specified if it did.
  4. I attended a U of T info session, and they said that all the streams were equally competitive. They know that certain streams are more popular (like health and mental health, and children and their families) so they have more slots available in those streams than in the less popular ones. So applying for a less popular stream does not increase your chances of getting in unfortunately.
  5. I think you would benefit from doing the BSW program first. The 2 year MSW programs are more competitive than the 1 year (though both seem very competitive!) and getting the one year BSW will also give you the chance to raise your gpa. A BSW program will also give you the opportunity to give you more experience as I’ve noticed a lot of people who were accepted have several years experience working in the field / research work plus volunteer experience.
  6. I'm still on the wait list for the 1 year advanced standing program at U of T. I don't expect to hear anything and have been instead looking for full time work and making plans to re-apply for next year. It's pretty disheartening and frustrating, but what else can i do?
  7. They may not tell you at all. Like I’m not sure if you’ll ever get an official rejection after being waitlisted?
  8. I didn’t apply to York, so I don’t have any personal stake in this, but this system seems really dumb.
  9. Difficult to say! The two year MSW programs are more competitive than the one years from what I’ve heard. With your experience it would probably be more useful to just pursue the MSW right away.
  10. Ah perhaps! I’m unfamiliar with practice in the Maritimes. In BC or Ontario though, you need an MSW for clinical practice.
  11. I don’t know of many BSW programs that have a clinical focus. You need a masters in social work to do clinical work.
  12. Did they call you or email you?
  13. Congrats!! I sincerely doubt I will get off the waitlist at this point. 😞
  14. Do you know what stream your friend applied for at u of t? ive been told as the waitlist is not ranked, they select 'similar' applicants to those who declined.
  15. If anyone actually gets off the waitlist for the U of T advanced standing program, please post here.
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