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  1. Hi all, Pip from York just called me to say i was taken off the advanced standing waitlist and offered admission! Sadly (for me missing out on the funding package), I have already accepted and started studying at UofT! I am super happy there too btw! .... Good news for those still on the waitlist, I will be declining my offer so hopefully someone else will get a call sometime next week as she said it will still take a few days before the offer letter is posted on MyFile and until I can formally decline it. Best of luck to all!
  2. I applied this year to UWindsor for the first time as my third choice and was accepted to it but was later accepted to UofT. In my opinion, I thought the program was more aligned with UofT and Western rather than York and Ryerson. Windsor has similar specialization options (i.e. child welfare and gerontology) in the advanced standing program and I am sure you can get a clinical placement within the Windsor area. If you are planning to live in Toronto and study at Windsor then I imagine the placement options will be more difficult to find as you are competing with the other Toronto schools
  3. Did you decide to go to York? Congrats... curious because I think I saw you post about getting into a few different schools!
  4. what program did you decide on? or was York your top choice?
  5. I was also legit *just* waitlisted for York's MSW advanced standing full-time program letting me know via email. Some what disappointing because it is a fully-funded program. however, I am extremely lucky to have gotten into uoft's program this year on my second try and will accept that. I hope you will all hear soon
  6. Haven’t heard anything from York’s advanced standing program *sigh*
  7. I accepted my offer to UofT advanced standing and rejected my offer to Windsor’s advanced standing on campus program! Hopefully someone from here will get my spot. Good luck to all
  8. My Ryerson professor (who went to uoft) used to say this also but It felt like a deterrent to get some of us not to go. I also heard that from msw Sw who did their schooling elsewhere. Uoft is affiliated with many of the Toronto hospitals because they are also teaching hospitals and uoft is a clinical school. I agree with the advice given. Consider Waterloo because Ryerson is very social justice oriented and I have never seen someone get placed at a hospital there.
  9. Anyone from Uoft - advanced standing 1-year msw get an acceptance on SGS for the child and family stream?
  10. Mine also says under review in SGS but my acorn says invited.
  11. i haven't seen any changes on SGS! thought we all get info on the same day
  12. thank you for telling me! I also see invited but how do you know that means you have been accepted?
  13. How do you know that this means you got an acceptance?
  14. oh no... I think I did join but forgot. Is it bad if I did not apply to OGS through there?
  15. where did you see a change? how do you have access to acorn?
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