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  1. When did you receive the acceptance? I haven’t heard back from York yet. It just says no decision.
  2. Is anyone deferring or not accepting there MSW advanced standing acceptance from UofT or York University?
  3. Hey, I have been waitlisted for the same specialization. Look like the waitlist hasn’t been moving in the last couple of days. I was informed that the last day to pay the deposit to secure a spot is June 1. So my guess is afterwards some spots may be available if people didn’t pay.
  4. I applied for September 2020 and got rejected. They only take 25 people so very competitive From the email I got sounds like they tend to take people with over 7 years of work/volunteering experience.
  5. Any movement on the advanced standing 1 year MSW at University of Toronto? Been awhile since I heard people have been accepted.
  6. Just curious about your levels of experience? Interested in applying to this program in the next few years.
  7. Applied for fall 2020 but have been waitlisted from University of Toronto and denied from Lauriers Advanced online program. Still waiting to hear back from York about there advanced program. Looking into the idea of applying next year or the year after that to some more schools. Hopefully with some added experience I’d be able to get in. Most of my experience is in child welfare, classrooms or crisis hotline settings. Mostly through volunteering. Don’t have much experience in research.
  8. Congrats on getting in! Looking at the Windsor program and wondering what your experience and education level is.
  9. Out of curiosity which school did you get accepted to and what were your years of experience/education?
  10. Are you sure? Don’t they give out acceptances till June?
  11. Any one heard from York’s advanced MSW recently? Mine still says under consideration.
  12. Been waitlisted from university of Toronto’s advanced MSW. now waiting to hear back from York and Laurier. Not very hopeful.
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