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  1. I just received a call from York that I got off their waitlist for the advanced standing fulltime MSW. I will likely be declining, but there is movement on the waitlist! I hope this opens up a spot for somebody else. Take care everyone
  2. I was hoping it would be in my offer letter as well. From the previous times I applied, the OGS decision was released in June. I was denied admission both times so I'm not sure if OGS decisions for acceptances are released earlier. Congrats on your offer and hope this helps
  3. I decided to attend Waterloo since it is clinical in nature and it's online. The way things are going in Ontario with COVID restrictions, I needed some certainty about what classrooms will be like in September.
  4. An update for those awaiting York University advanced standing decisions. I received a letter via email saying I've been waitlisted for the fulltime (funded) program, but it also asked me if I'd be interested in their part-time (unfunded) option. I also decided I will not be attending UT. Hope that opens up a spot for someone in the gerontology stream wait list. Two year applicants - hang in there! The waiting is almost done
  5. Congratulations to everyone that's gotten acceptances! 🥳🥳🥳 and hang in there two-year applicants, I've been down this road before and the waiting does not get any easier. Does anyone know whether York does rolling admissions for their advanced standing MSW? Several people were accepted yesterday, but my portal did not update. I only have a few days left to accept my U of T offer, would be really nice to know before then! FYI for those waiting on the two-year decision from York, I received my rejection via an email notification on April 15 in 2019. Hope that gives you a better idea
  6. Congrats! I was admitted to the gerontology stream
  7. I totally get what you mean, the thought of reapplying is dreadful, it's such a gruelling process. I had applied multiple times to the two-year program without any success, so I decided to do a BSW first and try for the advanced standing. This was the best path in my opinion, it gave me a better foundation (I had been out of school for a couple of years so it was a good way to ease back into it), and it boosted my average by A LOT. But it sounds like you already have a BSW, so my only suggestion would be to pad it with more relevant experience. I only have research / practicum experience
  8. I have received the email notification from SGS and was able to access the acceptance letter. It is finally real, congrats everyone! Best of luck to those still waiting. I've applied multiple times in the past and this is my first time getting into anything, so don't feel discouraged if you don't get in right away!
  9. It usually takes a bit longer to show up on SGS, and from previous years, you'll get an email notification once it updates on SGS.
  10. Have just received my rejection email from Ryerson's advanced standing program.
  11. I also see an invited status on ACORN for the advanced standing program, but I am afraid to believe it until I get the official letter. Congratulations everyone, I hope good news is coming your way 🤞
  12. Thank you! Waterloo's full-time advanced standing online program
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