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  1. They probably won’t send out offers for the waitlist until after everyone initially accepted has responded - typically after the due date they are given to do so.
  2. I’ve read in previous forums that the acceptance rate for the advanced standing at U of T is about 25%.
  3. Previously acorn/SGS has been updated in the evening so they may not be finished for the day.
  4. I’m glad to hear that York is actually informing people they are waitlisted this year! Instead of just leaving people in limbo for forever.....
  5. Everyone is freaking out but the U of T MSW website literally says ‘by mid April’ hahaha. So like April 15th.......
  6. I know a lot of universities have said they are preparing to have some in person classes/activities in the Fall but it will be mainly dependent on how the vaccine rollout goes prior to this. Right now it’s obviously not going so well - so here’s hoping things start to improve soon! So basically no one knows what’s going to happen!
  7. This is exactly what they do. They put out offers of admission, and maybe reject a few people here and there. Otherwise everyone else is left in limbo on their ‘unannounced wait-list’. I’ve never applied to York but I think this method is torturous.
  8. It’s probably too early for anyone to have gotten off the U of T waitlist. I believe students who are offered admission are given about a month to accept or decline. After that date they will assess the waitlist. In terms of the odds of getting off the waitlist, I don’t think anyone can really predict that. From what I’ve read in previous forums the waitlist is quite long.
  9. Ryerson is also very focused on anti-oppressive practise and not remotely interested in clinical social work. I did my BSW there.
  10. I don’t think so. I have no idea how they did it to be honest. I just know people got calls with acceptance over a couple of days. Like monday-Wednesday at least
  11. So I was accepted to the MSW program at Ryerson last year. From what I remember, they didn’t call everyone the same day. Some people had heard they were accepted on the Monday and I didn’t get a call until the Tuesday. So i think they might call over a couple of days? Also as I deferred my acceptance to U of T I’m joining the advanced standing class this September. I recently received my new acceptance package for Fall 2021 so I am assuming acceptances for advanced standing at U of T will be going out very soon!!
  12. Advanced Standing could hear as early as mid February - Early March. 2 year program should hear back Late March to early April. They don’t do rolling admissions. You will receive notification on your SGS account and on Acorn it will say ‘invited’ if you are offered admission.
  13. It’s way too early for acceptances to anywhere except WLU for the May Online program. Mid February at the earliest for Advanced standing, but even then more likely to be early March. And I’m talking at most universities, U of T, York, etc. Everyone take a deep breath and try not to obsessively check your status! *I went through this process last year and deferred an acceptance to September 2021.
  14. If you haven’t paid a deposit it’s not too late to switch schools. Just email Angela to find out the process. It may just be a matter of informing her you are no longer going to attend in September. I was also accepted to U of T (advanced standing) but I have chosen to defer to Sept. 2021. Thankfully my admission will be guaranteed still (you don’t have to apply again if you defer). I’m hoping things will be a bit more settled by that time - but who knows!
  15. I believe you need an MSW or BSW to register with CASW. Not sure about each individual province - though I believe this is also the case in Ontario. Maybe a look at job postings and see what credentials are asked for?
  16. The province of Ontario hasn’t released any specific guidelines as to how universities will operate in the Fall. I know that U of T is preparing for all classes to be online in the Fall however, they have not officially confirmed this yet. Ontario has not yet flattened the curve to the same degree as BC as of yet - though that being said - Ontario also has a much larger population that BC.
  17. From my understanding they are preparing to have classes online in the Fall but nothing has been confirmed as of yet. I am still hopeful that class will be in person however some social distancing measures will still need to be enforced. Unfortunately I foresee this being this case at all Universities right now for the next 2 years. It’s hard to know for sure but experts have said we can expect to be experiencing social distancing in some form until we have a reliable vaccine, which won’t be for 1.5 - 2 years (and that’s looking at it optimistically). Personally, I’m not wa
  18. So I’m not certain, but from what I’ve read on the forums if you don’t hear from York right away it means you’re waitlisted. Instead of notifying people they are waitlisted, they keep the applications in a sort of limbo, and if a position becomes available you’ll be offered admission. If not, eventually you‘ll get a rejection. It’s a pretty shitty way of doing it in my opinion, and I may be wrong - but that’s what it seems like from here.
  19. And you only found out last week? Were you waitlisted before? I found out I was waitlisted there at the beginning of March so I’m a bit confused.
  20. That’s odd. I’m on the waitlist for Laurier September in person advanced standing program and the email I got said the waitlist will remain open until July 31st 2020 - no offers of admission will be extended after this date. Unless you’re referring to the May online program?
  21. All I know is that there are 24 people on the waitlist at Laurier for advanced standing September on campus start. (Myself included).
  22. Anyone accepted to Laurier advanced standing who is not going? Trying to figure out my chances on the wait-list... Also - how long were you given to decide?
  23. I received an email today from Laurier that I’ve been put on the waitlist. Nothing has changed on Loris.
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