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  1. i just got waitlisted at u of T!
  2. did you have alot of experience tho?
  3. Did you check your acron account, thats where it will show if you got invited!
  4. im guessing if your acron has not changed then you are not accepted into U of Ts program?
  5. Yes totally understandable, was just wondering!
  6. Does U of Ts second year program accept alot more students then say Western or other universities? Ive heard different things so just wondering !
  7. If you dont mind me asking , what was your application like for u of t? Like did you have alot of experience, good grades and so on? If you feel ok telling me !
  8. have people who have been rejected from westerns 2 year program, often been accepted from u of t? or more rejected? this process is killing me
  9. do you know if for westerns 2 year programs they usually send their acceptances the same day , or is it the same format that the 1 year programs get to know first then later the 2 years?
  10. Does anyone know when we are suppose to hear from Western for their 2 year programs?
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