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  1. King's markets itself as a clinical program, whereas Laurier focuses a lot on being critically reflexive. Maybe King's isn't mentioned when people discuss clinical schools just because the program is smaller/less known? King's probably has less placement opportunities because there are far less students. I do have a friend who did the 1-year program at King's, and a few other classmates from my BSW who went through their program as well. I actually sat in on one of their classes once with a BSW colleague who was in their program, because I always had my heart set on going there! The people I h
  2. I had to choose between Laurier and Western too! (Advance standing). I originally had my heart set on Western, but then I was offered a significant scholarship from Laurier and went with them. This is what my thought process was: Western: Better location for me because I live in London, better/more local placement options to London, clinical focus which is very important to me, it is a small program which I like, but has higher tuition (about $3,000 more for 1 year) and I wasn’t offered scholarships Laurier: An hour commute to campus for me, has a strong reputation, I like tha
  3. I’m not the person you’re replying to but I got my BSW first and am now starting an advance standing MSW in September! Some benefits are that you get more placement hours, chances to build close relationships with social work professors (who make good references), a degree that better allows you to practice in the field before going for your MSW than a BA typically does, higher chances of acceptance to the MSW as opposed to 2 year programs, and it shaves off half the time from your MSW anyways so you don’t lose any money or time. The con is that you have to apply to two programs instead of jus
  4. When I was accepted to the advance standing program at Laurier all my funding was listed on LORIS when I clicked on my application and the acceptance showed up. There is also a student awards and financial aid tab on LORIS and when you click view my student aid/funding it lists my scholarships. I am lead to believe the funding is offered as soon as you see your acceptance. I am dumb and didn't even know about OGS or the deadlines for it. Hahaha.
  5. I agree with all of this. Most of all we have to remember: MSW programs are SO. COMPETITIVE! It is an accomplishment to even complete the prerequisites and going through a daunting application process (gaining experience, finding references, writing personal statements, etc.) Everyone pursuing this career has a good heart and are going to help people, no matter what path gets you there.
  6. Honestly if you were already accepted once, one more year gaining MORE experience (and saving some money) will only help you. I had to take a break and not go for my MSW right away for the same reasons you’re considering waiting. With the changes to OSAP I am sure you aren’t alone. A lot of people probably applied, relying on the free tuition for low income students, and had to decline.
  7. I’m sorry to hear that Western is so expensive and not much funding available. I already live in London with cheap rent and had to turn them down. I was offered almost enough funding from Laurier to cover my tuition, and have been saving up for 2 1/2 years because I’ve planned to get my MSW. I also am going to work part time doing respite, and commute to class so I can keep living where I do. Before my full time offer though I had planned to do the Laurier online part-time MSW so I could work full time longer and then work more hours when I had my placement portion of the program.
  8. This is probably too nosy LOL but what funding does Carleton offer? I have heard a few people say it’s good! I honestly didn’t think I’d be able to afford a full time program after the OSAP changes (thanks Doug) but a lot of MSWs seem to be better funded than I thought
  9. That is good to know! Exactly what I would assume, that they would have a TON of applicants!
  10. Yes, from what I have read they have a much larger program (around 150 students) whereas Western accepts 15, and Laurier not much more than that either. However, you have to think about how many people live in Toronto and how many applications they receive too. Not sure what their admission % is. I would be interested to know though!
  11. At the time that I applied to full time programs I had about 4,000 work hours, 800 in my BSW practicum, and 600 volunteer hours. I made a post about myself early in this forum, I will just paste it here! Hopefully this helps.
  12. Western doesn’t seem very well funded! Sad since I live in London haha
  13. They did help me within a few hours thank God! Their mistake made a nightmare for me hahaha multiple times
  14. Hey! Just curious, did you get offered any scholarships for Western? From my research it looks like they only give out three $1500 scholarships to the highest admission averages and then have 8 $1800 TA spots. Does anyone have any better info?
  15. Just received an email with an acceptance to Western/King's advance standing starting in September! I am excited to have been offered acceptance at every program I have applied to. I don't see any funding offers at all though from Western, so I believe I will be declining the offer and accepting at Laurier for next fall. Good luck to everyone else who applied there and if you were waitlisted you have some hope through me. I feel positive given that they only accept ~15 people each year
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