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  1. I’m sorry I know this is already in the thread but I was having trouble locating it... I’ve been waitlisted for both UofT and Laurier for the 2 year MSW programs. Just wanted to confirm what dates the payments are due for these programs so that I have a better idea on when I may hear. I have been accepted to an accelerated BSW program but don’t want to pay prematurely and then find out about an MSW program. Thanks for any help!
  2. Lakehead one year HBSW acceptances have gone out. No email, but check MyInfo !
  3. I was informed by email this morning that I have been chosen to be on the waitlist for the 2-year Laurier MSW. Apparently only 10 applicants were chosen for this, which gives me hope... but I’m not sure what the class size is. I have also been waitlisted at UofT. Does anyone have any experience with the Laurier waitlist? I would love to go to UofT but their waitlist situation makes it seem unlikely I will get an acceptance there. Congrats to everyone who has been accepted to their programs, and to everyone else, stay strong and trust the universe
  4. What does it mean if you haven’t heard from Laurier either way yet?
  5. Still waiting very impatiently...
  6. The waitlist letter we received made it seem as if they don’t reconsider until after the May 24th deadline to accept the wait-list ... but I hope this is not the case!
  7. I’m a previous UofT student and am wondering the same thing.... nothing has changed on my ACORN. It still says “financially cancelled” from when I graduated
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