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  1. I was looking at that yesterday.. it looks like all of the residence building are at the Waterloo or Brantford campus. There doesn’t seem to be anything at the Kitchener/ Social Work campus. I think the options would be to either, A) live on residence at Waterloo and commute from there, or B ) find something off-campus close by.
  2. I was able to access LORIS! Goodluck!
  3. I haven’t been able to get in either - I think the site is just overwhelmed with the amount of traffic.
  4. APPLY. I was told the exact same thing, but this is how I think about it — there is a 100% chance that I won’t be accepted if I don’t even apply. I applied to both the on campus and online program, and I’ve been waitlisted for the on-campus. If I don’t get in, I can focus on building my application up and reapply next year. I have nothing to lose by trying, and neither do you. And let’s be honest here, the school may have specific requirements and expectations about who they accept, but there are numerous factors to consider when accepting people into the program; academic background and
  5. I was waitlisted for the on campus program, and am still waiting to hear about the online. Don’t regret your choice! There’s always a chance! It’s a yes until it’s a no, and even then, it’s just a try again next year!
  6. I feel you.. I am in the same boat. I’ve applied to both programs and am just keeping my fingers crossed! Best of luck to you!
  7. I’ve been told that the online part-time is likely to be more competitive simply because many of the applicants are currently working in the field already and have much more experience. But since it’s still a newer program, it’s only going to get more competitive moving forward.
  8. I just got the email for the waitlist at Laurier too.. just focusing on trusting that everything will work our and hoping to hear some good news soon enough! Best of luck to you!
  9. I am still waiting to hear from Laurier for the two-year on campus and online program.. is anyone else in the same boat of hearing nothing? Has anyone received a rejection for either of the Laurier programs yet ? SO STRESSED with this waiting!
  10. Same here.. the waiting is the hardest part for sure!
  11. I feel like they’re likely done randomly, but you never know.. plus, I think it’s strange that anything would be sent over the weekend - does anyone know if that is a normal thing?
  12. SAME HERE! Fingers crossed! Goodluck to you!
  13. Where are you in the Alphabet - First and Last initial ?
  14. I am beyond nervous right now waiting to hear back from Laurier.. fingers crossed it’s coming soon! It’s definitely been an emotional roller coaster since applying!
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