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  1. The HBSW program at Lakehead is only about a year. You need a degree to apply, but it does not need to be in a field related to social work (I would know, my degree was far from being social service related and I was accepted into the program). They offer the program at their Thunder Bay and Orillia campuses.
  2. Thank you! I got into the University of Windsor's 16 Working Professionals program. It starts next month, so odds are I will just be going ahead with that program unless Laurier gets back to me before then (which I doubt).
  3. Thanks for the info! The odds are depressing. I've been accepted into another program but I'd much prefer Laurier. Did they give you any idea about how many months you'd be waiting before decisions go out?
  4. I was unsure of this as well. After reading the instructions about 800 times, I opted to write an essay rather than answer the questions individually. However, I tried to write it in the order of the questions (i.e. paragraph 1 = question #1, paragraph 2 = question #2, etc.). Getting it to flow together seamlessly was a bit of a process. I'm not sure if this is what they were looking for, but given my uncertainty, I was trying to play it safe. Unfortunately, I still haven't received a decision (I applied for the January 2020 start date). Best of luck!
  5. Yes! That's where I'll be as well. Nice to meet you!! 😄
  6. Just got accepted into Windsor's advanced MSW program and it feels good! 😊
  7. I don't remember exact numbers, but I was also told they get hundreds of applications and only take a handful of people (I thought it was 30, but it may have been less). I don't have high hopes of getting in, but it was worth a shot. 😅
  8. Yes! I gather the page where we uploaded our documents changes once a decision is made.
  9. Yes! I applied to this program too and find myself checking my application status almost daily. Realistically it seems like we won't get any news until August (at the earliest), but I can't help but keep looking. The wait is driving me nuts.
  10. Awesome!! Congratulations!
  11. Hey! I just applied to this program (since they extended the application deadline to June 1st). A friend of mine, who applied much earlier, had already gotten an acceptance for the September 2019 start date. I'm guessing it depends on when you applied. I believe she was notified of her acceptance 2-3 weeks ago.
  12. From what I remember, HBSW program students are e-mailed directly when they can select courses and are provided specific info pertaining to them. I always got the impression that Lakehead handles their HBSW students a little separately from the rest of the student population. For instance, I would get generic e-mails that were relevant to all Lakehead students, then get something that was more specific to just the HBSW students. If you haven't gotten any info about course registration yet, I wouldn't worry, I'm sure it's coming soon.
  13. I am so glad I could help! I am currently in the process of applying to MSW programs right now, so I cannot say how much this program has really prepared me, however I did feel that the profs expected that we would all want to go on to pursue MSWs after the program and they were very supportive of this. Generally, I felt that the HBSW program focused a lot on theory and there was an unsaid expectation that we would gain more practical experience by working/volunteering in the social work field. Some of my classmates came to the program with lots of prior SW experience, but I did not. Once I finished the program, I still did not feel entirely prepared for frontline work, but I do think that I gained a lot of foundational knowledge about SW theory and research that could be expanded upon in an MSW program. I hope that helps a bit!
  14. Ask as many questions as you like! I am happy to help. Courses: We had four courses through the summer. Two were full credit courses, and the other two were worth 0.5 credits. The 1.0 credit courses took more time than the 0.5 credit courses. I think the 1.0 credit courses took 2(ish) weeks to complete. The first course was Intro to Social Welfare (SOWK1100). I am struggling to recall the order of the other three, but they were Foundations of Social Work Practice (SOWK2011), Human Development (SOWK2012) and Theory of Social Work Practice (SOWK3401). In the fall, I had four courses. Some people had 5 as one of the courses can be taken either in person in the fall, or online in the winter (I opted to take it online in the winter term). You'll also be starting a research course in the fall that will stretch into the winter term (in the fall, you take the class in person. In winter, it is taken online). The winter term also consists of an elective (which I also took online) and placement. Basically, I ended up taking four courses in-person in the fall, and 3 courses online in the winter in addition to placement. Placement: Generally, I'd say the rules surrounding placement were pretty flexible. The hours you work each week can be negotiated between the student and the agency, so you are not expected to work full-time at placement in addition to completing the winter courses. The deadline to complete placement hours is also flexible as well and will vary depending upon how many hours you work each week. I believe we met with a placement coordinator early in the fall semester. We provided her with some places we'd like to work in, and then she'd reach out to them. I chose to complete my placement as a post-secondary institution and had a great experience. I seem to recall the speed at which people were matched to an agency varied quite a bit. Some people had no problem securing one quickly, others seemed to be up in the air for a while. Relocating: I'd say about half of my class had relocated to Orillia. I seem to recall some relocating from Toronto, while others were from other provinces. I did not have to relocate, so unfortunately, I cannot comment on residence. I believe a couple of students moved to Orillia into their own apartments. I hope this helps! Let me know if there is anything else you're wondering about. If you are hoping to go into an MSW program, I'd also suggest getting to know your profs (you'll need them to be references in the future) and also chat with the graduate students that are assisting your profs in the fall semester. If there is one thing I regret, it is not learning more from the graduate students!
  15. Hey there! I did this program, graduated last fall. If anyone has any questions, I'd be happy to help. Two things immediately come to mind: 1) The summer is a bit insane. You complete an entire course in about a week and it is pretty much impossible to have a life. On the plus side, the weeks fly by and it's over quickly. 2) I wish I'd waited to purchase any textbooks because the profs were really good about providing the readings to us online, or I was able to find the textbook as a free pdf. I'm not sure if this will be different going forward, but it might be worthwhile to hold off buying textbooks until you've had your first class. Congrats on getting into the program! I hope you enjoy it.
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