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  1. Based on previous years, acceptances for the two-year program from Laurier and Kings don't typically come out until mid-March-early April!
  2. Hey Kristine! I was in the year after (2019-2020) and the first round was around April 4th I believe! We then had until April 16th to accept to which more rounds came out. Some of the cohort were accepted up until the week before classes started, so the waitlist really moves. Good luck!
  3. It's been working on and off all day! It's had a bunch of down periods for me today too.
  4. I know it won't happen for a while longer, but just wondering if anyone has heard when U of T and Laurier advanced standing results will be in? Thanks!
  5. Hi there! Laurier posted that the “close date” of the Advanced standing Is December 1. Does anyone know if this means that the application must be submitted before December 1 or do we still have December 1st to submit documents? I was confused whether this usage of the word application “close date” meant that November 30 was the last day to submit or not. Ive tried calling but they appear to be closed for the weekend so if anyone has any insight that would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Hi there! I'm currently completing the program so I can definitely answer any program-related questions that you may have. For OUAC, that's correct! You submit one application, and you have the option to apply for both or one campus (I think it's a bit more money to apply to both but worth it). On OUAC and the supplemental information form you indicate which location is your first and second place preference. Unfortunately, I applied several years after graduating my first degree so I'm not 100% sure how the transcripts work if you're still enrolled in a program and don't want to give you the wrong information. I would advise reaching out to one of the program coordinators/academic advisors particularly for the social work program, as they'll be able to give the most direct response for this program. They are typically very responsive! If you have any questions about the program don't hesitate to reach out - I'm loving it and couldn't recommend it enough! Good Luck!
  7. Will do - I was just wondering if anyone had any personal experience with it.
  8. Not sure if anyone is still on this particular forum, but I have a question regarding the Advanced Standing MSW requirements for research methodology course. U of T requires a Mid-B, which they've mentioned is a 73% or higher. I have a B (unsure of the percentage since my school doesn't list my grade as a percentage). Does anyone know if its just the minimum you have to hit, or do they place an application at higher value if you have a higher grade than the minimum? I'm trying to decide if I should redo research methodology to get a higher grade, although the U of T admissions person said this likely isn't necessarily/that I should focus my application on other areas. Does anyone have any insight on this? Thanks so much!
  9. Thank you so much! Just got an email about registration for the 4 courses this summer so I'm all signed up. Good luck and enjoy the program!!
  10. Thank you so much! I'll try to stay patient :)
  11. Has anyone going to Lakehead HBSW (in Thunder Bay or Orillia) heard anything about course selection for the summer/other info about the program? I've reached out multiple times but unfortunately still have no info and it starts in just over a month!
  12. This is so incredibly helpful - thanks so much! I'm definitely planning on doing my MSW afterwards so I'll try to make those connections early on. Did you move on to do your MSW/find that a lot of students were well-equipped for this after the program? Really appreciate you taking the time to put together this thoughtful answer - makes me feel more in the know about the program!
  13. Thank you so much - that’s so helpful! What does the course sequence look like in the summer? There isn’t too much info online and I haven’t heard anything yet through Lakehead (should be coming soon). How many courses do you do in the fall and winter semesters? Did you find most people relocated to Orillia for the program? Also curious about placements - what was that process like and where did you do yours? Hope Im not bombarding you too much with questions - and congrats on graduating!
  14. Hey all! I wanted to start a topic here for those entering the Lakehead HBSW program in Orillia (starting in July) to discuss any details/information you've heard. Also, if anyone has attended the program before and could share any helpful information prior to us starting that would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Yay! Do you know if there’s a Facebook group created?
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