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  1. Last year we found out first round on April 4th and had to accept by April 16th - so I imagine the amount of days in between will be the same this year!
  2. I'm in the program right now and I know a bit about the waitlist! After the first round of people either accept or decline their offer, the social work department re-looks at all of the applicants on the waiting list and sends out offers depending on how many additional spots are available. There isn't a numbered waitlist, so you don't have a specific spot on the waitlist. I would say though - a lot of my class came from the waitlist (some even got admitted a week before the program started) so there's a good chance to get off of it!
  3. I'm sorry to hear that! I had applied to 2-year programs several years ago and was rejected. I then applied for the 1-year HBSW program at Lakehead which I'm in now! It has been a great experience - quite intense - but you complete the program within a year and then you can apply to the advanced standing programs. I applied for advanced standing programs while enrolled in this program and I'll be attending my MSW in the fall! So, it's definitely a great option to avoid the 2-year programs which are very competitive! Feel free to message me if you have any questions - I would defin
  4. Hmmm I wonder what it could mean - thank you for letting me know! I've also heard of one person getting accepted but haven't seen too much traffic on here about Laurier yet.
  5. Has anyone else not heard anything for Laurier Advanced Standing yet? I haven’t heard any news on email or LORIS and I’m wondering if I should just assume it’s a rejection. Any info is appreciated!
  6. Congratulations! Did you get the Laurier waitlist notification on Loris or via email?
  7. Has anyone heard from Laurier for Advanced Standing?
  8. I think that's for the part-time online program! I checked past forums and they heard at the very beginning of March (around March 2-5th) so hopefully that means advanced standing news comes this week!
  9. I'm in the same boat as you - haven't seen an invite on Acorn and haven't gotten a letter in the mail/update SGS. Here's hoping there are additional acceptances on the way
  10. Congratulations to everyone who has gotten u o f t acceptances so far! Does anyone from past years know if the acceptances come out on a rolling basis or is it all at once? Any info is greatly appreciated!
  11. Is this for the online program or on-campus?
  12. Thank you so much for asking about this!!! It's a later admission decision than we all hoped but glad to have information now!
  13. Based on previous years, acceptances for the two-year program from Laurier and Kings don't typically come out until mid-March-early April!
  14. Hey Kristine! I was in the year after (2019-2020) and the first round was around April 4th I believe! We then had until April 16th to accept to which more rounds came out. Some of the cohort were accepted up until the week before classes started, so the waitlist really moves. Good luck!
  15. It's been working on and off all day! It's had a bunch of down periods for me today too.
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