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  1. Quest was finally updated! Its official!
  2. Have you heard back since the initial email? I responded but haven't received confirmation and nothing has changed on quest
  3. Whoohoo. I was offered admission off waterloos waitlist!!
  4. Good points. Online is a huuuge benifit right now and a concern of mine on why the waitlist may not move as much as in previous years. Everyone is thinking the same thing with covid 19. Laurier seems to be more popular on this thread which is why I was curious. My preference is also Waterloo, although I applied for the 2 year, pt program.
  5. Anyone planning on rescinding thier waterloo admission in favor of laurier's part time online program? Lol I'm hoping for a waitlist spot to open at waterloo.
  6. I should clarify this is for the online part time program. And socialworkerjake from what I've seen on the postings I think you can see your status on the LORIS website for applicants. I may be corrected on this.
  7. Any update on Waterloos waitlist? I was told that people would start hearing back mid to late April. Just wondering if anyone has had any offers yet or if anyone turned down thier offer? I know I'm technically a bit early but the wait is killing me as it's the only university I applied to!
  8. I'm hoping to get into waterloo PT to!! (I'm waitlisted)
  9. I read on a previous years forum that quiet a few came off the waitlist, however I also read that it was a large waitlist so it's hard to say
  10. In general or off the waitlist? If in general That time seems soo short, and i guess somehow so unfair! Do they email you to tell you your status change or do you have to keep checking quest?
  11. I'm curious as well. I plan to reapply if I dont get off the waitlist.
  12. For Waterloo they said I'd know if I got an offer by the end of April....sorry meant to reply to hopefulandcurious
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