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  1. you don't need to apologize, im happy to answer any questions! references from volunteer positions are okay too, one of my references was a psychologist from a place i volunteered at
  2. my average was sitting at around a 78/79 and the experience that i highlighted was my work with children with autism and my volunteer experience as an intake associate at a private practice. i didn't really have a lot of direct social work experience either but i think what school's appreciate is hearing your takeaways from your experiences and how they tie back into social work and your goals for the program. best of luck!! happy to answer any other questions.
  3. hello! i got into york's and western's 2 year msw non-bsw programs, and i enrolled in western's.
  4. you, as well! i see that you posted about a full time work position so that's fantastic, congratulations and best of luck!!
  5. this is what i was told by Angela on august 31: If there is any change, we will contact you by email. The wait-list is kept open until early September. If there is no change in your status, the committee will close the wait-list by mid-September and you will be sent a new decision document via the SGS portal.
  6. not v pleased about it i guess they just want to keep it open until the first day of class but it definitely is tough to plan accordingly with so much uncertainty!
  7. i emailed angela to ask (i am on the waitlist for the 2 year program) and she said it closes sept 9
  8. received an email this morning that i was accepted off of western's waitlist for the 2 year msw program! keep your heads up everyone, waitlists are moving slowly but surely i was on the waitlist since march 10.
  9. hi there, first i just want to say, good for you for getting through things and being able to turn your gpa around, that's awesome! your gpa and experience sound great. in regards to your questions: 1. programs tend to focus on your final year or last 2 years, as opposed to your overall gpa. 2. in terms of how common, i don't think its super common or uncommon but is something that would change each year with each round of applicants but to my knowledge, schools don't really care if you've just graduated or have been out for a few years, unless stated otherwise. that being said, i do
  10. what i did was that i just made note of the hours i completed but i indicated that i was still in those positions so they knew that the number of hours were still increasing. for your second question, i'm honestly not too sure but i'd recommend reaching out to the schools you're interested in to see how they calculate gpa's
  11. york u also has a few placement opportunities with CAS but their program is more critical, rather than clinical
  12. hi there! i’m not quite sure about your first question but hopefully someone else would be able to help with that. in regards to your second question, i think your experience looks great, i would highlight your experience with seniors, the peer wellness education volunteering, and your tutoring experience, i think thats all really good, relevant experience! 3000 hours is perfectly fine, i got in with approx 1000 hours so don’t worry too much about numbers. focus on having a strong statement and references😊 best of luck and do let me know if you have any other questions!
  13. this is what parts of the email said: Ensuring our students have access to a high-quality experienceTo the extent possible and with physical distancing measures in place, we are planning to offer selected in-person smaller classes and tutorials, experiential activities such as studio and labs, and re-establish access to our research facilities.Being sufficiently flexible to provide equitable access for studentsWe understand that not everyone will be able to make it to campus in the fall. Course delivery is being planned with enough flexibility to provide access for all students, consideri
  14. york sent out an email with an update regarding the fall semester, it seems like majority of it will take place through remote/online learning.
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