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  1. Which iPad do you plan to get? I want a Pro but can't decide on size.
  2. My mistake! I too am waiting to hear from Waterloo...
  3. Hi Natalie -I'm sorry Was the decision reflected on Quest too?
  4. Is anyone still waiting to hear from Waterloo online part time? I feel I need to make a final decision and am just waiting on them...
  5. Is anyone still waiting to hear from Waterloo for online part time? I need to make a final decision soon and am worried how much longer I will need to wait...
  6. I just want to say you are all amazing. I both dread and love Fridays. I dread no news weekends, but it also gives us freedom from refresh! Happy Friday everyone!
  7. Congrats! Which program at Waterloo did you apply to, full or part time?
  8. I applied to the May start Advanced Standing part time program for those with a BSW. I can't recall the day in January, sorry. I happened to check Loris and saw a congrats letter where I usually check. A few minutes later I received an e-mail that linked to the same letter. It was a few days before other cohorts were notified as I think part time AS get notified first.
  9. I found out I was accepted to Laurier through Loris before the e-mail went out, if that helps at all. I am still waiting to hear from Waterloo. Positive vibes to all!
  10. Many schools will extend a deadline as this is not your fault - perhaps write the school, let them know the steps you have taken, and ask them what can be done.
  11. I suggest waiting it out. You could advise people that you are waiting for all offers before the big reveal.
  12. I was trying to figure out how I would maintain a practicum and employment. My employer is willing to work around my schedule and to support me in a new role that has never been tried. Things are gellin!
  13. @AcademiaObscura if you are looking for some silliness.
  14. To avoid a negative reference and leave on good terms I would suggest providing at least the minimum notice. Here it is two weeks, so I think a month is fair and appropriate.
  15. I too would be very hesitant about putting my effort and money into a non-accredited school.
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