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  1. Hi All, Just hoping for a bit of guidance around grad school. I was recently accepted to a three year msw at BU, but after considering the length of time it will take, I'm wondering if a 3 year program is the wrong choice. When I graduate I will be 26, which is older than I wanted to be when finishing grad school(for myself personally). On the other hand, I have to work full time while in grad school so I don't see how I can complete a two year program. Has anyone on the forum ever done a three year program or have any thoughts on the pros/cons of 3 yr vs 2 year? Thanks!
  2. Hi all, Just a quick question about LOR. I have two professors writing my LOR and a clinician I work with/under at a residential program. This is what's tricky to me. She was not my manager, but was higher up than me in terms of rank and treatment. I'm looking at the LOR guidelines and alot of them say they can't be coworkers, and have to be supervisors. So now I'm wondering, can she not write me a LOR? Any advice, or feedback on who others have had write their LOR? Thanks!!
  3. Hi @lincoln.hawks, I didn't take the GRE as none of the schools I am applying to require one. It can be hard to gauge what some schools are looking for in terms of stats, and how competitive they are for sure!
  4. Hi all, I am currently in the process of applying to several online schools for my MSW. My primary schools are BU, Baypath University, UMichigan, Western New Mexico, and Fordham. My cumulative gpa is around a 3.3 which I know is on the lower side. I have 3 years of work experience, including 2 years in a residential setting, and 1 year doing outreach work for an in home therapy program. Are there any other schools I should be applying to that might be a good fit for my low stats? Interested to hear what others stats are, and their school of choice.
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