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  1. I will update this in case it helps anyone in the future. Told my PI that I would be taking a calendar year off and he was concerned for my wellbeing but very supportive. Got the leave officially approved by the Dean. Apparently the policy changed so grad students can take up to 2 years off without having to reapply (and then reapplying is apparently more of a formality). So yay. Still not sure how it impacts something like the NSF GRFP, but I'm a lot less worried now.
  2. I am going in knowing that I will have to take the first summer and the first semester of my second year off (maybe more...) to recover from major surgery. And possibly have a few smaller surgeries after that. The grad policy gives me one semester of medical leave and I am definitely worried about how this time off will impact my learning, my work, and applying for things like the NSF GRFP. Also worried what happens if I have complications and/or need more time to heal than the one-semester the grad policy gives me. I'm not sure how to tell my advisor that surprise! his new student is going to be MIA for the first summer and half of his second year... Anyone else had to take time off (a semester or more) and how did that go for you?
  3. I'll be attending the University of Virginia for their developmental psychology PhD Self-imposed a torturous decision process after getting off a waitlist last minute, but think UVa will offer me the best personal support, opportunities to explore teaching, and ability to influence the lab's research directions.
  4. 1996kayden


    I was offered a spot to a program last cycle. A combo of research interests, a poor funding offer, and a commute from hell led me to turn it down. I took a job as a lab manager studying vision development in children with eye tracking. Not exactly my main interests, but it helped me build programming and eye tracking skills and strengthened my application. It was hard to turn down an offer when I had been told "all you need is one yes", but I am SO glad I did. Even though over the year I realized the research interests of the offer I turned down were more on point than I thought, I am still glad. This cycle I had many interviews and multiple offers. It's a hard choice, but if you are set on a population and/or a method, and the PhD offer doesn't offer that, then I would consider turning it down and taking a job that will strengthen your application. Also, after the year working, I applied to different schools my second cycle because my research interests changed some. Two schools who rejected me last time accepted me this time under a different PI.
  5. School: University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Concentration: Cognitive Type: Ph.D. Date of Acceptance: April 12th Notified: Email, accepted off the waitlist. $20,200 stipend (TA-ship) with $2,000 summer funding. Health insurance covered by funding package. ~$950 fees/semester Trying to decide between here and UVa tomorrow (4/13) to free up a waitlist spot.
  6. If you were waitlisted for an interview (and thus have not interviewed, I assume), then it is pretty much over for that school. Especially if you've not heard any other response. I would move on, unfortunately.
  7. Pretty common in my experience. If the POI told you that, it's pretty much over, unfortunately.
  8. Very cool. Curious who you'll be working with, if you care to share.
  9. POI at Penn State emailed today that she tried everything she could but isn't able to get me off the waitlist. Nothing I could've done or wrong with me as a candidate, funding and resource issues out of her control. We're both very disappointed. Feeling a bit devastated as this was my top choice and POI had called me very excited the day after the interview. Sounded like an acceptance over the phone. Teaches me to get my hopes up 😕 Still have (some? I guess) hope of getting off UNC's waitlist. I have two solid options but still, just feel very disappointed.
  10. No I don't know, sorry.
  11. My PI is a reviewer for NSF GRFPs and was just given a new stack to go through, so it sounds like reviews are ongoing.
  12. I'm having a similar debate. One of the schools/departments I'm considering is ranked in the 100s, another is 17. I'm hoping to go into academia. So many factors...
  13. Would also like opinions on this. I was pretty thorough in my initial interview for asking questions. I now need to decide between some current options and also keep communication up while I wait to see if I get off some waitlists. At a certain point I am going to run out of questions.
  14. I have an offer and the POI has reached out to me again to say she hopes I come and to reach out if I have questions. I have responded to her two past emails since I got the offer (about a month ago) saying thanks etc and I'd reach out when I had questions. I am waitlisted for my two top choice schools and am essentially going to wait for them. Do I tell her this? That I am on the waitlist and if I get off I will accept the other offer? That she won't have a firm answer from me for a while? I don't really want to tell her she's my backup option but I also don't feel right just making her wait indefinitely. Do I just tell her I don't have any questions right now? Thanks!
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