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  1. Izakawa

    Atlanta, GA

    Could you find one?
  2. Izakawa

    Emory Fall 2019

    Hello friends! Anyone else starting at Emory this fall?
  3. Izakawa

    2019 Waitlist Thread

    Thank you very much! Nice to hear that you also got accepted off waitlist. I have already accepted this offer as it was my top choice! Best of luck!!
  4. Izakawa

    2019 Waitlist Thread

    Finally, I got off waitlist at Emory!! I was notified to be waitlisted for the interview in January. Yesterday, I was invited for an interview and today I got an admissions offer. Please, dont give up-there are more 4days until April15
  5. Izakawa

    2019 Waitlist Thread

    Guys, need you advice. Recently, I have applied for RA position job at my waitlisted school hoping that it can somehow help me. Do you think it worth notifying the program coordinator about it in order to emphasize to what extent the school matters for me? I contacted them last week and there is no reply yet. So dont know to ask again this week or not. I just cannot wait anymore....
  6. Izakawa

    2019 Waitlist Thread

    Hi guys! Is it possible that program notifies about admissions after April 15?
  7. Izakawa

    Let’s manage our stress together

    I think I am failing to manage my stress. Even though I resist, those ideas of getting rejected continuously come to my mind. For the whole day, I spend worrying about my waitlisted status. I am currently graduating and completely ignoring my classes. I guess, these are the first signs of depression:) My life seems to be so miserable and writing helps me to organize my mind. Nevertheless, this is what I try to do in order to survive. 1. Run every morning 2. Meditate 3. Look for RA positions or jobs 4. Cook 5. Attend a psychologist session once a week.
  8. Izakawa

    Chances of actually getting off of a waitlist

    From my own experience, secretaries does not much about waitlists. I guess, they are kind of "connectors" between admissions commitee and students. Try to email program director. P.S. I do envy you. In a positive way, of course You have several admits and worrying about waitlist. Unfortunately, I have no admits at all and have just three waitlists:(
  9. Izakawa

    Anyone not hear back yet?

    I am currently waitlisted at three schools-one for the interview and two post interviews. Do you guys think it is time to give up and admit my rejection?
  10. Izakawa

    2019 Waitlist Thread

    Again, got waitlisted today after the interview. Fifth waitlist, in total. Is a life testing my patience? If so, I am in the deepest depression. Cannot imagine, how can i wait more until April 15
  11. Izakawa

    2019 Waitlist Thread

    Got rejected from one of the waitlists and sitting on three more. Is it ever possible to get off the list???
  12. Izakawa

    Waitlist etiquette

    If there is a very fine line, I guess I have already crossed it with my continuous requests about updates in my application Can it really hurt my waitlisted status if I am in a frequent contact with the program director?
  13. Izakawa

    Who hasn't gotten accepted yet?

    I am on the same boat as you. So far, received 10 rejections and 4 waitlists. Praying to receive any good news from these waitlists!!
  14. Izakawa

    2019 Waitlist Thread

    Really, it is so much disgusting feeling that I could not share with anyone and now it is a relief to learn about our similar situation. Ironically, there is still more than a month until April 15, which makes the waiting process even more miserable and desperate.
  15. Izakawa

    2019 Waitlist Thread

    Again, I was notified to be waitlisted. Currently, sitting on 10 rejections and 4 waitlists. Hopefully, will hear something good from any of these 4 programs.

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