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  1. itheproofofstupidity

    2019 Waitlist Thread

    A potential future advisor from a program I have been waitlisted from reached out to me and let me know she is giving me a graduate research assistantship to fund me from her grant! However, I still have not yet received admission... At this program, first years normally get funding from the school and then need to find faculty to fund them beginning in the second year. I feel like I leap frogged and received funding before securing admission! If a professor has already secured funding for me, does this mean I will likely be admitted?
  2. itheproofofstupidity

    2019 Waitlist Thread

    I think that is normally frowned on (someone correct me if I'm wrong). This is why most people will reach out to their waitlist programs and ask them to expedite decisions and let them know of your deadline but also that you're very interested in the waitlisted program. Aside from losing deposit, I've heard it would burn bridges which would make a continued career in academia more difficult.
  3. itheproofofstupidity

    2019Fall Applicants for IEOR Ph.D. Program

    i'm just confused why they would include us on the webinar and give us all this funding information if they intend to reject the vast majority of us...
  4. itheproofofstupidity

    2019 Waitlist Thread

    You will!! Being patient is the hard part! These next few weeks will be tough for all of us.. Every day wake up thinking "is today the day?!" Gotta figure out a way to forget about all this until April!
  5. itheproofofstupidity

    2019Fall Applicants for IEOR Ph.D. Program

    To summarize the GT webinar this morning (for us waitlisted students), they typically only take 2-3 students off the waitlist (though it was not clear whether they mean admit 2-3 students or 2-3 students off the waitlist will attend GT), the waitlist is pretty long to protect against the worst case scenario where they a particularly low yield, and virtually all admitted waitlisted students need some faculty endorser. Pretty discouraging but I guess that is better than being overly optimistic and getting hopes up for nothing! Still hoping for the best for all of us!
  6. itheproofofstupidity

    Is a Welcome Weekend invite at Vanderbilt good news?

    Hm, it sounds like a good sign! You should give them a call or shoot them an email and ask if there have been any updates on your application status. Seems strange to me they would send you information on a visit weekend before even giving your notification you have been admitted!
  7. itheproofofstupidity

    Waitlist discussion

    Applied to engineering schools and business schools depending on where the research is more aligned with my interests. Currently waitlisted everywhere including Booth and Yale SOM. Fingers crossed!
  8. itheproofofstupidity

    2019Fall Applicants for IEOR Ph.D. Program

    Man, I feel for you. I got the same email and just applied for MS OR because nothing to lose. Hopefully we won't have to worry about it and we'll get off the GT waitlist with good news soon.
  9. I am very happy to hear this. Hope some of your good fortune rubs off on me!
  10. itheproofofstupidity

    What Industry Jobs are Actually Out There for STEM PhDs?

    I currently work in data science at a national financial services company and my colleagues come from diverse PhD backgrounds including applied math, statistics, operations research, microbiology, physics, and even non-traditionally-STEM fields like economics. I have often heard it joked that data science is the welfare career for STEM PhDs. It's a stable job with good benefits for STEM PhDs who don't want to work in academia.
  11. itheproofofstupidity

    2019Fall Applicants for IEOR Ph.D. Program

    Hey! I suspect you would have received the email as well, but I just got a batch email from Prof. Erera about a seminar for admitted and waitlisted applicants on March 21st.
  12. itheproofofstupidity

    2019Fall Applicants for IEOR Ph.D. Program

    Hey not at all! And no, I have not heard from him However, to my understanding from what my contact has told me, it seems waitlist conversations have not happened yet so we will have to be patient still. I am expecting a response by early April. Another member of gradcafe has told me the visit weekend is end of March so they suspect many admitted students will accept/decline around then. I guess we will have to find a way to make the next two weeks go by quickly.
  13. itheproofofstupidity

    2019Fall Applicants for IEOR Ph.D. Program

    @theonionring Hey! I gave the Berkeley department a call and they told me i am on the waitlist and told me my exact position. I suspect most of us who received that email are also on the waiting list. You should give them a ring and see what they say! They also told me the program has 10 spots so take that how you will. They also mentioned decisions should be finalized by end of next week.
  14. itheproofofstupidity

    Mid March Mechanical Engineering Results

    I'm also waiting on Berkeley for a different department in engineering. I feel your pain. Seems like they are making us wait a little longer than previous years. Hang in there!
  15. itheproofofstupidity

    2019Fall Applicants for IEOR Ph.D. Program

    That’s funny you ask because I actually emailed him earlier this afternoon asking about the webinar. I will update y’all if I get a response. Also, it might be a good idea to reach out to a faculty member you’d like to work with and express interest and see if they will lobby on your behalf. Otherwise, I think it’s just wait and see at this point 😕 fortunately is a really big program where 30-35 people are admitted so we waitlisted folk can keep hope! If you check out the ISyE PhD Twitter from like 2015/2016, they will sometimes tweet “as of today we have ten people accept their offers!” And then a few days later “we have twenty offers!” It gave me a good idea of timelines and how quickly people accept their offers and when we can expect to hear them. When all of us get in, we gotta get together and celebrate as students!

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